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Corona Wants You to Get Drunk and High All in One Easy Step


Mexico’s most popular brand and number one beer export is getting into the weed business. Yes, ironic given that Corona makes its home in the home of the world’s largest weed (illegal) producer.

But alas business is business. And where there is money to be made many answer the call to serve, including serving pot infused beer.

Corona owner and jefe Constellation Brands has just announced an investment in Canadian pot grower Canopy Growth. The purpose of the nearly $200 million dollar buy-in for a 9.9 percent stake, Corona stated is to produce “cannabis –infused beverages.” The day of smoking weed and drinking beer separately apparently are over – the efficient marketplace will now provide a one-step hit.

The Mexican beer maker is going toe-to-toe with one of its marketplace rivals – “legal” marijuana, which is viewed as another source of week-end (ha ha or daily depending on who you ask) relaxation. Corona does not expect to markets its pot-infused beverage in the U.S., at least not yet, but rather go after the Canadian market first starting in 2018.

The Ontario-based cannabis grower operates more than half-a-million square feet of indoor pot growing space and stateside is known by its brand ambassador - Snoop Dog. Canopy Growth is considered the world’s largest publicly traded legal pot grower.

The Constellation Group also owns Model Negra beer and Casa Noble tequila; it is the third largest brewery in the U.S. Corona is Mexico’s top selling beer and is exported to over 100 countries having arrived to the U.S. from Mexico in 1979.

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