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Poetic Justice as Fate of Weinstein Company Lies in Hands Of Latina Powerhouse Maria Contreras-Sweet


The fact that the fate of The Weinstein Company (TWC) and Harvey Weinstein’s pocket book rests in the hands of a Mexican immigrant and women’s right advocate from Guadalajara – is a script that only Hollywood could craft. But alas it is real life.

Maria Contreras-Sweet, 61, has found success in both the private and public sector in a career marked by Latino and women-owned business advocacy. She comes from of a long-line of hard-working women defying the odds – from her Abuelita the migrant worker to her mother, a single mother who worked in a poultry factor to solely support her six children.

The entrepreneurial Latina came to the U.S. from Mexico at the age of five at the side of her mother and five other siblings. After college she quickly found success in corporate America and then in California state government. She achieved the pinnacle of her public service career on April 7, 2017 when she joined President Obama’s cabinet as the 24th head and first Latina running the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Today Contreras-Sweet leads an investment group ready to buy TWC’s company assets which include a 277-film library, 50 seasons of TV programming and five unreleased films.

While many buyers were scared off by the heavily damaged Weinstein Company brand and the stain of its co-founder Harvey Weinstein, Contreras-Sweet instead saw an opportunity. The entrepreneurial Latina saw this as not only a good business opportunity but also an opportunity to do good, by having a woman-majority board and management team put in place.

Contreras-Sweet investment group earlier this year emerged as the leading bidder by offering $500 million, half cash and half debt assumption. And offering a $50 million set aside for the countless victims of Weinstein and his complicit Board of Directors. For God-sake the divisive feminist and lawyer Gloria Allred even blessed the deal.

The deal has several hurdles to overcome including the recent lawsuit against TWC by the New York Attorney General. Meanwhile many have their fingers crossed that Latina Power is coming to Hollywood - finally.

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