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Latino’s Welcome Lucifer’s Banker and Eviction Advocate Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary Nominee

Lucifer's Banker to be Treasury Secretary

President-elect Donald Trump in his continuing efforts to make ‘America Great Again’ has selected Steven Mnuchin , whose diverse resume includes kicking old people out of their homes, scamming blacks to pay more for mortgages and producing “The Lego Movie” as the new Treasury Secretary. The good news is that this predatory lending Yalie, unlike other Trump choices is not part of the clueless clown car. He actually knows finance well enough to be employed at Lucifer’s Bank (Goldman Sachs) for 17 years and avoid prosecution for selling people crap mortgages. The 53-year-old double divorcee in his most recent professional adventure is a hedge fund manager that likes to bankroll feel good movies like Scully, Avator, American Sniper, amongs tothers. Trump in his succinct and elegant language described the responsibilities of hedge funders and their critical contribution to our economy best when he noted: They “shift paper around and they get lucky” and “..are getting away with murder”- hence a wise choice for the job.

We assume Trump selected Mnuchin not just because of his qualifications or because he was Trump’s national finance chair but because their resumes share something every great American can be proud of: Accusations of racial discrimination on the job. Trump for not renting to African-Americans and Mnuchin for stiffing African-Americans at his OneWest Bank when hustling them mortgages.

How can America NOT be great again?

Latinos will be comforted that as Treasury Secretary, Mnuchen will use his impressive record of nearly 40,000 (mostly effecting minorities) foreclosures in California from 2009-2015 to oversee regulations on the financial industry. Mnunchen learned compassionate banking from the very best when he trained at Lucifer’s Bank where dad is a partner. To those Trump voters not familiar with Goldman Sachs the visual provided by the 2010 Rolling Stone article referring to the bank as “vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money” should suffice.

Americans especially rural America that voted for Trump in record numbers can rest assured that Mnunchin will dismantle every consumer protection act, eliminate financial oversight of banks and redo the tax code to benefit people not like them.

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