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Latina Entrepreneurs Learn:  Ticky Tack Selling OK if You’re Ivanka Trump

Invanka Loves Selling Stuff

Latina entrepreneurs today represent one of the fastest growing economic engines. They like most other entrepreneurs are ready to learn and gather insights from their fellow female entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur Ivanka Trump, aka Fruit from the Poisoned Tree, was caught AGAIN hawking her wares without shame and Latina entrepreneurs are taking heed and are ready to learn from her cornucopia of gold, greed and glory.

Clearly the advice to not put out Avon samples at your Abuela’s wake or do a Herbalife display on the family’s Day of the Dead altar or pull up the family’s taco truck in front of the office are not in keeping with Ivanka’s QVC-driven thinking that sent a “fashion alert” promoting a trinket she wore on a 60 Minutes segment introducing the soon to be First Family.

Ivanka, thanks to her drive and talent, aka her rich family, started a jewelry line in 2007 at the age of 24 that expanded into fashion. It is clear that she appreciates the opportunity her family gave her and honors their legacy to sell when she can, where ever she can to whoever she can. Case in point, this Sunday after appearing on 60 Minutes adorned in regal composure, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry immediately started marketing the $8000-$10000 “18-karat yellow gold bracelet studded with 0.78 carats of diamonds.” Critics were quick to point out that this is unprecedented, opportunistic, a conflict of interest, etc….

Others were confused if she was trying to selling to the ‘white rural voters’ that put Trump in the White House before they had actually received the better jobs promised by her father if elected. We can only assume most hillbilly sensibilities were not offended since this was not the first time Ivanka exploited her father’s political spot light. Ivanka marketed her $138 “sheath” (aka plain looking overpriced dress) worn to the GOP convention back in July and then there is her company website selling all the looks Ivanka has worn throughout the presidential campaign.

Ivanka is not without her admirers who appreciate her 5th Avenue chic that is impressive enough to cover her unbridled opportunism. Luckily for America this time it was not exposed to “Donald Jr. proudly holds a dead elephant tail in one hand and a knife in the other. In another, the brothers are seen standing beside a 12’8″ crocodile hanging from a noose off a tree.”

So the Latina entrepreneur lesson of the day: shameless selling is fine, self-promotion even better and encouraged since it might get you to a better place in life even to the highest office in the land.

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