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VIDEO: Was 84 Lumber Trying to Sell Wood or Recruit An Undocumented Work Force?

84 Lumber

It’s been nearly a week since the Super Bowl’s politically tinged ad extravaganza occurred. And it has also been nearly a week since the 84 Lumber website crashed when the company directed viewers to its website to view the final leg of the journey of the young mother and daughter migrants featured in its Super Bowl ad.

Check out the ad that started it all. 84 Lumber’s “The Journey Begins” was first deemed too much of a political hot potato for football loving fans and had to be revamped. The ad is definitely pro-immigration, maybe even illegal immigration, but what is it trying to sell – a couple of 2x4’s? Or it is a recruitment ad to lure more underpaid undocumented labor to sell a couple of 2x4s?

The company when challenged what it is was promoting replied, “a symbolic journey toward becoming legal American citizens.” Ok sure, not sure where the legal part comes in since you can’t typically apply for a visa after hiking through the Mexican desert with a minor.

The company’s CEO Maggie Hardy Megerko went as far as to say she is “a staunch supporter of President Trump” and his $20 billion Wall.

Therefore we don’t know what 84 Lumber was selling but we do know they need a new ad agency and a wiser CEO.

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