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Video:  Let’s Celebrate It’s Raining Tequila


Imagine a world where cloudy days are welcomed especially because the clouds are soaking you with tequila mist. That is actually what the Mexico Tourism Bureau did with the help of LAPIZ, its marketing agency.

The man-made clouds are able, thanks to crafty creatives, to produce raindrops that are 100% agave tequila. Right now the #tequilacloud is part of an art exhibit in Berlin – all done in hopes of attracting more Germans to visit sunny Mexico.

Real tequila was turned into gas using ultrasonic humidifiers which in turn produced a floating cloud. The specially designed cloud making container condenses tequila vapor into the shape of a nice, fluffy, and happy cloud. The cloud rains tequila inside the exhibit when it is actually raining outside in Berlin.

WOW! Please let the #tequilacloud come and rain here!

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