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Super Bowl 2017 Must Include Doritos and Walter Mercado in Gold Lame

Shanti Ananya

Everyone knows that Super Bowl is not just about football but also about the great ads. So now is the time for Latinos to urge Doritos (owned by PepsiCo) to air its soon-to-be iconic Walter Mercado space odyssey mixed with Uranus travel ad at Super Bowl 2017.

Doritos for the last 10 years has presented its “Crash the Super Bowl” ads where unknown creatives are given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have their ad aired to millions during Super Bowl.

Well this year ‘Crash the Super Bowl” is retired and Doritos hasn’t announced what it plans to do on February 5, 2017 for Super Bowl LI. Snickers, Skittles, Bud and many more are ready but no word from Doritos.

Last month the nacho chip with 27-ingredients released an ad featuring the gender-less Puerto Rican astrologer Mercado better known to Spanish-TV audiences as Shanti Ananda. The 84-year-old Mercado is as famous for his wrong astrological predictions (Hillary would win) as much as his spot on observations (Trump is so “insulting and offensive to the human race.”). Nielsen and other TV tracking agencies aren’t sure if Spanish-language audiences religiously followed Mercado for his outlandish, Liberace-esque garb, bleached pompadour or for the cadaver-white face that can only be described as un-describable.

Whatever it is the guy is an icon that needs to be introduced to Super Bowl audiences and the new 30-second ad is the perfect vehicle. It features Mercado donning an appropriate gold lame space suit, eating Doritos (Nacho flavored) while being transported to Uranus and exploding through the galaxies with each Dorito he consumes. On You Tube the ad has over 4.3 million views.

Everyone must start sprinkling Doritos dust at the Pepsico corporate office in hopes of convincing them that Walter Mercado deserved to be on Prime TV and not forever entombed in late-night Telemundo or Univision re-runs.

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