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Network that Loves to Hate Latinos Says Adios to Fox News Latino

Adios Fox News Latino

Fox News Latino (FNL) will be no more after six years in operations. The FNL website was launched weeks before the midterm elections in October of 2010 by the Fox News network and it former chief Roger Ailes who has since been booted after perv allegations surfaced.

FNL was tasked with reaching a new audience in spite of the perception that parent network Fox News was decidedly anti-Latino and biased. Its stated mission was to report on culturally relevant stories for and about U.S Latinos all in English. The target audience was second-and-third generation Hispanics who were more comfortable speaking English than Spanish.

The closure announcement was not worthy of mention by network executives but rather came from Fox News Latino correspondent Bryan Llenas via Tweeter where he proudly noted that FNL gave an “honest attempt to give voice to the voiceless… .” Ok sure.

The network had announced earlier this month that it would be incorporating FNL content into its main website FoxNews.com but did not specify a date and whether it would shutter FNL altogether.

FNL had the look and feel of its parent website www.foxnews.com but apart from that the two had little in common. Often the network would take the more anti-immigrant stance that was not evident in FNL and the network routinely featured anti-immigrant programming and noticeably excluded Latino panelists. Latinos were not pleased and often viewed FNL as a pandering mechanism especially when Fox News defended then Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump when he labeled all Mexican immigrants as thugs and rapists.

Can anyone ever forget Neil Cavuto host of Cavuto: Coast to Coast asking uber racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio for advice on how Republicans can obtain the Latino vote or when Fox & Friends’ co-host Brian Kilmeade repeated his intolerance of the Spanish language especially when spoken by political types? “Pick a language…” he scolded Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine. While Hispanic Heritage was exalted on FNL with cooking tips and fiesta stories the parent site and TV network talked about immigrant children getting “welfare” and referring to them as “Children of the Corn.” Numerous Latino advocacy and pro-immigrant organizations have railed against Fox and their negative coverage noting that having a separate site celebrating Latino culture wasn’t enough to overcome their biased ways.

Reports indicate that all the staff at FNL has been incorporated into the parent site immediately and that readers can expect to find FNL content on Foxnews.com. Foxnewslatino.com now directs the reader to a new landing page for Fox News with “Latino” content.

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