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Does It Seem Right to Honor the Dead on Day of The Dead With a Pair of Gym Shoes?


Haven’t finished your Day of the Dead Altar yet? Haven’t visited your deceased relatives at the cemetery yet? Fret not PUMA has something just for you – “Day of the Dead” gym shoes.

What better way to celebrate a nearly 3,000 year-old ritual then with a pair of PUMA classics. But please do not put these colorfully decorated gym shoes on your Day of the Dead altar as part of your ofrenda honoring your dead relatives.

Many people from Mexico and Latin America believe that the gates of heaven open at midnight on Halloween (October 31st) and the spirits of children come back to us on November 1st and then on November 2nd the spirits of the adults join in with the children to visit their living family members and celebrate with the goodies left on the altar – which has never included until now a pair of PUMA classics.

The Day of The Dead PUMA offering involves four of the company’s most classic shoe lines and these shoes are decorated with colorful skulls in honor of the iconic Calacas figure. While the flower designs pay an homage to the Mexican marigold that is a requisite of any Day of the Dead celebration.

PUMA’s Day of the Dead shoes had a limited release starting in mid-October at select PUMA retailers as well as online. Unfortunately the company isn’t offering any discounts for the national Mexican holiday – shoes prices range from $85 to $120.

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