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Billionaire Carlos Slim Ready to Import More Mexican-ism to the U.S.

Carlos Slim

As President Don J. Trump brings his brand of nationalism to the U.S. and speaks of all the ills of Mexicans fellow billionaire Carlos Slim is exporting Mexico to the Mexicans of the U.S. The world’s richest man is planning on utilizing his robber baron gains to bring the nearly 35 million people in the U.S. that are of Mexican descent their very own network.

Slim whose estimated net worth is $49.8 billion (yes its yuge) will be debuting the Nuestra Vision channel on one his America Movil divisions. America Movil dominates the mobile market in Latin America and is part of other telecommunications holding that include Telefonos de Mexico SAB that controls 90 percent of Mexico’s land lines and Telcel that controls 70 percent of Mexico’s cellular market – can anyone say monopoly.

Carlos Slim latest venture is being pimped as a channel “Focused on Mexicans, made by Mexicans and transmitted from Mexico.”

We assume Slim is not counting on the nearly 6 million undocumented Mexican’s in this country to be viewers since they are as good as gone if we are to believe Orangina and his administration that have travel plans for those individuals.

Nuestra Vision faces stiff and established competition with existing Spanish-language networks: Univision and Telemundo. Univision has a long-standing relationship with Televisa that provides much of its international content and Telemundo is controlled by Comcast and well we know that they control everything. None of this is apparently deterring Slim, who is not use to failing and use to getting his way.

This is not Slim’s first foray into pay TV, he is a major player in Latin America, but interestingly not in Mexico. He is not welcomed in his home country because he tends not to like competition and prefers to be handed near monopolies by cronies. The network will launch later this year and offer a variety of programming option including news and sports. No one is sure if Slim will utilize his 17 percent ownership in the New York Times in this venture. What is also not known is why now, is this really the right time for Nuestra Vision when anything foreign is sure to be deplored, deported or deep-sixth?

Nuestra Vision’s main competition and risk is not Trumpismo but rather cultural assimilation and the reality that each successive generation of Mexican-Americans tend to leave the Spanish language behind. Studies have found that after the third generation Latinos are almost exclusively English speaking and though they have a great affinity to their culture not so for to their parent’s native tongue.

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