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Yes Pennsylvania Voted for Trump But Scores Points for Trying to Make Cuban Rum Legal


Just when Hillary Clinton supporters thought they couldn’t find forgiveness in their soul for voters of Pennsylvania for giving Trump their electoral voting hearts – news comes of their Cuban rum legalization efforts.

Pennsylvania apparently is trying to get the 50-year plus Cuban embargo lifted at least as it pertains to Cuban rum so that state liquor distributors and stores can sell what is considered the best rum in the world.

So imagine your next Rum and Coke at the popular Butterjoint in Pittsburgh made with Havana Club Especial. Havana Club is one of several marquee Cuban rum brands that may become available in Pennsylvania if the state’s application to the U.S. Treasury Department is approved.

Pennsylvania state officials decided to pursue the Cuban embargo lift on rum after a state visit from Cuban officials. Currently the federal government, thanks to former President Barack Obama, allows limited exchanges of goods and services. If Pennsylvania is successful it would be the first but not likely the last state to enjoy Cuban rum legally.

The Cuban government is most probably anxious to see Pennsylvania’s application succeed, since the U.S. is the largest consumer of rum in the world. It was under President John F. Kennedy that Cuba sent it last large shipment of Cuban rum to the US.

Cuban rum is considered one of the best in the world thanks to the island’s hearty sugarcane crop bolstered by the soil and climate and a distillery process that includes heavy doses of molasses.

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