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Book Reviews

Without Sin, A Novel

Arbitrary kidnappings, routine beheadings, women forced into subjugation, ruthless bands roaming the countryside kidnapping and exploiting young children, mocking and murdering government officials... This isn’t a description of the violence that plagues war-torn countries like Afghanistan or Uganda - this is life in modern day Mexico.

Without Sin, A Novel

Without Sin

A Novel

Author: David S. McCabe

276 pp. Sunstone Press

Without Sin weaves a tale based on the fictional lives of Garrett Harrison, a U.S. Border Patrol Agent and a former Navy Seal, who is intimately familiar with the notion of duty and the necessity of upholding the law. However, his world is forever changed when he discovers two women brutally murdered and one man clinging to life in the desert wilderness of Otay Mesa.

Angelina Marguerite, an ill-starred seventeen-year-old prostitute working in a brothel in Tecate, Mexico who is desperately clinging to her faith in God. She hopes for deliverance from the cruel, ambitious drug dealer known as El Cacique who lured her to el norte with the promise of marriage and prosperity, only to force her into prostitution.

And lastly, the director of a parochial school serving primarily children from migrant families accepts donations from a priest that she suspects molests children.

Amidst this corruption and exploitation, Garrett and Angelina fall in love and soon discover that the pursuit of opportunity, liberty and true love comes with a price.

Without Sinis a work of literary fiction that addresses serious issues concerning human trafficking, the sexual exploitation of children and immigration.  The novel was inspired by actual events that took place in Oceanside, California where the FBI, INS and San Diego County Sheriff shut down a sex trafficking ring that exploited young, undocumented women.