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Book Reviews

The Mares of Lenin Park

Winner of Prize Americana, "The Mares of Lenin Park" is the story of Uli, a fourteen-year-old Cuban boy, who struggles to reconcile his deceased father's heroic past with his mother Graciela's new marriage.

The Mares of Lenin Park

The Mares of Lenin Park

Author: Agustin D. Martinez

160 pp. Hollywood Books International

Finding it more and more difficult to live in the economic times of Cuba following the fall of the Soviet Union, Uli learns that the Revolutionaries are closer than expected - dealing drugs to support the failing economy.

These discoveries catapult him into a journey involving work camps, murder, and a voyage at sea.

Author Agustin D. Martinez was born in Panama after his family fled post-revolutionary Cuba in the spring of 1960. The family eventually found their way to Miami where Martinez grew up in a bilingual household. He has worked as a teacher, translator, and school administrator.