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Book Reviews

Puerto Rico City - A Novel

An entertainment city to take on Las Vegas, Macau, Dubai, and all the others.

Puerto Rico City - A Novel

Puerto Rico City

The Novel

Author: David R. Martin

201 pp. Puerto Rico City, LLC

Lino Mendoza rises from the streets of Puerto Rico to become a Wall Street lawyer and then governor of the U.S. island territory that, for decades, has stagnated in economic inertia and political confusion. Against ruthless and cunning international business predators and politicians, he leads a grassroots movement in a crusade to build Puerto Rico City — a new city to eclipse all others as the place to be and be seen.

Straddling the 2008 world financial crisis, this international drama unfolds against the backdrop of geopolitics, world business and current events and then converges on a tiny hypnotic island that has been constantly in search of its destiny.

More information can be found on David R. Martin’s website