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Book Reviews

Hotel Juárez: Stories, Rooms and Loops

In this collection of short and flash fiction, Daniel Chacón examines peoples' interactions with each other, the impact of identity and the importance of literature, art and music.

Hotel Juárez: Stories, Rooms and Loops

Hotel Juarez

Stories, Rooms and Loops

Author: Daniel Chacón

208 pp. Arte Publico Press

Misconceptions about people, the responsibility of the artist and conflicts about identity pepper these stories that take place in the U.S. and abroad.

In “Mais, Je Suis Chicano,” a Mexican American living in Paris identifies himself as Chicano, rather than American. “It’s not my fault I was born on the U.S. side of the border,” he tells a French Moroccan woman when she discovers that he really is American, a word she says “as if it could be replaced with murderer or child molester.”

Many of the stories are very short and contain images that flash in the reader’s mind, loop back and connect to earlier ones while other stories are longer.

But whether short or long, conventional or experimental, the people in these pieces confront issues of imagination and self.