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Book Reviews

High Treason, A Novel

"High Treason" begins as Rodrigo is lying on the dirty floor of a police prison cell with a terrible hangover. As he awakes, he hears that the attempt to assassinate President Hugo Chávez has failed. Fearful and repentant, he recalls the events that led him and his friends to plan the attack.

High Treason, A Novel

High Treason

A Novel

Author: Alberto Ambard and Amelia Mondragón

290 pp. Virtual bookworms

Four characters representing various social classes are responsible for it. This is High Treason, a novel that goes on sale this June.  With upcoming presidential elections in Venezuela, this powerful and exciting novel gains relevance.

“The assassination attempt is the fictional component of our novel and the consequence of the terrible disappointments and losses that our characters experience” said Alberto Ambard and Amelia Mondragón, authors of the novel.

Mixing fiction with history, this story offers the reader a picture of the social and political changes that Venezuela has experience during its devastating recent history, as well as as an intimate portrait of the emotions experienced by the Venezuelan as a result of the Chávez era.

Although the content of the work is serious, political and dramatic, the authors promise a little something for everyone: humor, sarcasm, suspense and entertainment.

High Treason will undoubtedly remain in the memory of the reader.