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Book Reviews

Hawk Knight

A world of magic once up again opens for readers as author Nacaveva releases the second installment to “The Knights of Kukulkán, the Rise of Xibalbá” series. Published through Xlibris, “Hawk Knight” follows the adventures of a new knight destined to fight an immeasurable evil force.

Hawk Knight

Hawk Knight

The Rise of Xibalbå Series

Author: Cesar Nacaveva Serrano Cazarez

360 pp. Xlibris

The Mayan Land is still recovering after the Olmecas, the Toltecas and the Teotihuacanos had vanished. The Akabil, messenger from the Nine Dark Lords, was quite successful with their master’s order to destroy humanity. Interfering in their plan was the Knights of Kukulkán, an order founded to teach in the city-school of Chichén Itzá, where the knights train their chosen apprentices to create new knights.

Now a new apprentice has arrived along a new ascension of the Akabil, a knight who apostatize the order and whose master has been looking to eliminate him. The young Florid Field has decisions to take and his master tries to find out the new champion of the order. But is he ready to take on the mission?

Wrapped with explosive action and fast-paced encounters, “Hawk Knight” takes readers on a thrilling ride through power and enchantment. This tale of good vs. evil will hook them from the first page to the last.