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Book Reviews

El Poder de TU Historia

Each night, radio show host Alberto Sardinas takes calls from listeners who look to him as a friend with whom to share their life experiences of pain, happiness, hope, or uncertainty. In his new book, El poder de TU historia (The power of YOUR story), Sardinas shares some of the most powerful stories told to him by his listeners as well as intimate personal experiences he has never shared before.

El Poder de TU Historia

El Poder de TU Historia

Con Impactantes Casos de su Afanado Programa de Radio

Author: Alberto Sardinas

216 pp. Santillana USA Publishing

El poder de TU historia gathers stories that reflect different facets of human nature,” said Sardinas. “In the book I tell the story of a woman who called to tell me her ex had chopped off four of her fingers. I also recount other stories that have made me rethink how I prioritize things, like when I postponed calling a listener, and when I found the time, death had beat me to it,” he concluded.

The difficult alternates with the humorous in chapters such as the one where Alberto acknowledges suffering the most embarrassing experience of his life in front of 15,000 people, as well as those in which he relates lessons he learned through celebrities. 

The forty short stories that constitute this book break beyond the trite boundaries of the common anecdote collection because each one emphasizes the lesson learned and offers a space for reflection. “There is nothing that brings us together as human beings, and specially as Latinos, that is more powerful than those memorable experiences that leave us key lessons,” said Sardinas, whose inspiration to write came from the candidness of his listeners. “If people share their personal stories with me, why wouldn’t I talk about mine?” he said.


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