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Book Reviews

Chasing Romney: How Mitt Romney is Losing the Latino Vote

This year in politics has been perhaps best summed up by Newt Gingrich as “total chaos.” Zombie campaigns kept alive by billionaires made the news alongside Donald Trump and Herman Cain arguing about Obama’s birth certificate or building an electrified border fence with a lethal current. The politics have never been uglier, the money never greater and the coverage of the characters involved never more intense.

Chasing Romney: How Mitt Romney is Losing the Latino Vote

Chasing Romney

How Mitt Romney is Losing the Latino Vote

Author: Ryan Campbell

222 pp. Smashwords Edition

Starting with Michelle Bachman, the political spotlight hungry for a new reality star then moved to Newt Gingrich, Rich Perry, Hermain Cain and Donald Trump before settling on Mitt Romney, while more moderate and reasonable men like Buddy Roehmer and Jon Huntsman who refused to jump far right on social issues were pushed to the fringes.

It is into this environment that undocumented immigrant advocates walk into. For years, the demographics of the United States have been shifting toward a more diverse population, with Latinos being the fastest growing section of the population. This leads to cultural insecurity and divisive politics ranging from banning Mexican-heritage education in Arizona to voter disenfranchisement in Florida. Nowhere is it more palpable, or ugly, however, than on immigration. This is because immigration brings with it a unique mix of economic, social and ethnic issues that is enough to make a man fear for his children and snarl at his own brother.

Chasing Romney is an intimate look at the question of what to do with “undocumented immigrants,” especially those taken across the border as children who have lived their entire lives in the U.S., or DREAMers. From couch to couch, rally to rally, organizer to organizer, it takes you to Arizona, Florida, New York, Indiana, Texas, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Throughout the tour of immigration politics, it touches on the important issues of the day, including gay rights, women’s rights, voter suppression, student debt, Occupy and many others, relating them to the grassroots movements, politics and voters on the ground across the country.