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Book Reviews


Robert Harvey, author of The War of Wars, aptly tackles this very larger than life figure in Latin American history, Simon Bolivar.



The Liberator of Latin America, The War Against the Spanish Empire

Author: Robert Harvey

404 pp. Skyhorse Publishing

We not only get a narrative on Bolivar’s life and the influences on his revolutionary ideas but all the passion behind his actions.

The book takes us from Bolivar’s privileged youth in Venezuela to his military training to his various liberation campaigns.  Here the hero is demystified and we come to see Bolivar as a romantic revolutionary who was so successful in liberating much of Latin America from Spanish rule.  The personal aspect of Bolivar’s life is well written here and often overlooked in other narratives.  The influence of his first wife’s death and his love-hate relationship with Napoleon makes for an interesting read.

A reader doesn’t need to know much Latin American history to get wrapped up in the book’s detailed narrative on Bolivar’s different military campaigns spanning six nations and to see the beauty of South America in its infancy. 

Harvey aptly captures the passion of Bolivar and what made this man so extraordinary.  Harvey’s book is not a textbook read, though it is exceptionally well researched, but rather a biography of passion and vision that makes the great Simon Bolivar so human while accomplishing heroic feats.



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