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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America Drops Dramatically 1st Quarter, By $84 Bilion

Foreign direct investment inflows into the 13 Latin American and Caribbean countries with available data fell 23 percent in the first half of 2014 to $84.07 billion, the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean said Thursday. continue reading »

REPORT:  Latinos Love Going to Movies

The Hispanic market is still a mystery for Hollywood and the film industry, eager to benefit from Latinos' growing purchasing power, continues to struggle to understand what is a diverse population. continue reading »

Mexican Gov’t Accuses Mayor and Wife Behind Attacks on Missing Students

The mayor of the southern Mexican city of Iguala and his wife were behind the Sept. 26 attacks on trainee teachers that left six people dead and 43 students missing, the federal Attorney General's Office said Wednesday. continue reading »

Jennifer Lopez to Publish First Book, Autobiography Titled “True Love”

Latina singer and actress Jennifer Lopez on Nov. 4 will publish her first book, an autobiographical work entitled "True Love," in which she reviews one of the key periods of her life, the Penguin Group's Celebra publishing division announced. continue reading »

Chiquis Rivera Returns for Second Season of Her Reality Show

Chiquis Rivera, daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera - and at the request of her fans - launches Tuesday the second season of her online reality show "Chiquis Confidential," her response to rumors about her in the gossip media. continue reading »

Colombian Legislator Kidnapped by Guerrilla Group

Colombian lawmaker Carlos Omar Angarita Navarro, a legislator with the Norte de Santander provincial assembly, was kidnapped by presumed National Liberation Army, or ELN, guerrillas, authorities confirmed Tuesday. continue reading »

Puerto Rico Seeks to Build Columbus Statue Larger than Statue of Liberty

The Puerto Rican promoting the assembly of a monumental statue of Columbus, twice as tall as New York's Statue of Liberty and taller than any other in the Americas, wants Spain's king and queen to inaugurate the monument in the spring of 2016. continue reading »

University of Guadalajara Student Death During Police Custody is Questioned

Mexico's Universidad de Guadalajara on Tuesday demanded answers from authorities in the central state of Guanajuato, where a UG student turned up dead last weekend after spending time in police custody. continue reading »

Latino Vote:  Latinos Expected to Vote for Democrats In Spite of Failed Immigration Reform

Hispanic voters will favor Democratic candidates in the Nov. 4 mid-term elections despite President Barack Obama's inaction on immigration, according to a Latino Decisions poll of 600 registered Hispanic voters across the country. continue reading »

REPORT:  Latinos 26 Times More Likely to be Asked for Identification at Border Crossings

A report prepared by a group of U.S. citizens living near the border with Mexico says that Latinos are 26 times more likely to be required by the Border Patrol to identify themselves than Anglo-Saxons. continue reading »

Argentina for First Time Grants Refugee Status to Russian Immigrant Fleeing Gay Bias

The Argentine government granted the "condition of refugee" to a young Russian gay man who escaped from his country where he was the victim of discrimination and violence because of his sexual orientation, something the South American country had never done before, the Argentine Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals, or Falgbt, told Efe on Monday. continue reading »

Venezuelan Government to Use Drones to Reduce Violence

The Venezuelan government's public safety plan will include radars sensitive to gunfire and drones equipped with video cameras, Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez announced Monday. continue reading »

Federal Forces Take Over 13 Mexican Cities Near Where 43 Student-Teachers Disappeared

Federal security forces are taking control of 13 cities in an effort to find the 43 students who disappeared nearly a month ago in southern Mexico, a high-level official said Monday. continue reading »

Cuban Doctors on Front Line in Africa Helping Fight Ebola

Cuban President Raul Castro on Monday announced that two health brigades from the island will be dispatched to Liberia and Guinea Conakry early this week to collaborate in the fight against the Ebola epidemic. continue reading »

Latest Brazil Prison Riots Ends Peacefully, 5th Riot in Two Months

The 57 inmates holding two prison guards hostage since Sunday night freed them Monday and put an end to the fifth riot during the last two months in the southern Brazilian state of Parana, officials said. continue reading »