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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

BREAKING NEWS: DREAM Act Foe, Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Won’t Seek Reelection

Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison announced that she will retire from the Senate when her term expires in 2012. continue reading »

Third Largest Bungee Jump in the World Is In Cusco, Perú (VIDEO)

At little over 400 feet, it is the tallest Bungee jumping site in South America. It is located ten minutes away from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco. continue reading »

Wake Up:  You Have a Rat on Your Face - Perils of Riding Subway (VIDEO)

Yes there are dangers to riding the subway let alone in a big city, you have to worry about pick pockets, getting trampled but sometime it just peaceful enough to take a nap. continue reading »

Fix The Senate: A Call for Filibuster Reform Hits the Floor

The filibuster is why health care reform didn't contain a public health care option similar to Medicare; it's why no meaningful climate legislation was passed; why even non-controversial judges were denied confirmation despite a crisis in the judiciary; and why even the bipartisan DREAM Act wasn't even brought to the floor. continue reading »

No Señor those Aren’t Thunder Thighs, It’s a Quarter Million Dollars $$$ of Cocaine

A CBP officer referred the vehicle and both females to secondary for further inspection. During a secondary inspection,officers seized three packages of alleged cocaine hidden continue reading »

Breast Implant Procedures in Argentina Under the Radar for Tax Evasion

Tax authorities in Argentina say that based on the number of breast implants imported between 2008-2009, Argentine plastic surgeons have cheated the treasury out of close to $10 million in revenue. continue reading »

6 Charged For Conspiring to Provide Weapons to Supposed Colombian Terrorists

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) investigation into an international weapons trafficking organization operating in the United States and Central and South America has lead to the arrest of six individuals in Colombia charged in the Southern District of Florida. continue reading »

Beatification of John Paul II: One Step Closer as Miracle is Recognized (VIDEO)

Vatican officials have concluded that a miraculous healing credited to the intercession of Pope John Paul II is authentic. The decision clears the way for the Church to declare the late Pope “blessed,” the final stage on the road to sainthood. The Pope’s beatification could take place as early as April 2 continue reading »

Nickelodeon Latin America Begins Production on GRACHI

Nickelodeon Latin America announced the start of production on GRACHI, the network's fourth original telenovela which will be shot in Miami. continue reading »

Fan Getting Punched In The Face For Trying To Take Off The La Parka’s- Goodnight Sweetheart

The mask goes back to Aztec and Mayan times and brings the luchador to the superhero level. It gives them this larger-than-human appeal- So Don't Mess with the Mask! continue reading »

Taking the Lead on Educating Latinos in TX- in less than 40 yrs, 1 in 4 will be Latinos

In less than 40 years, one in four Americans will be Latino, and tens of millions of these Latino Americans will be young people. Those numbers represent tremendous potential: a vast and growing group of eager, responsible citizens — many from families who actively chose to be Americans. continue reading »

UN Marks One-Year Anniversary of Haiti Earthquake

On the one-year anniversary of the earthquake which devastated Haiti, the United Nations is today remembering the disaster’s victims in memorial events in Port-au-Prince, New York and elsewhere around the world. continue reading »

Argentina to Strengthen Electricity Network in Certain Parts of Country

Argentina will improve the reliability and security of electricity services in 18 provinces with a $120 million loan approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

Mexican Criminals Now Cook Their Victims

Mexican authorities have found three industrial oil drums with human remains in them in a country house located in the municipality of Vicario, close to Cancún. continue reading »

Ron Rivera is the new Head Coach of the Carolina Panthers

Ron Rivera, who was an assistant coach for more than ten years, and was turned down by eight different teams for the head coach position, was named the head coach of the Carolina Panthers – becoming the first Latino to lead a team in 16 years in the league since Tom Flores, who won two Super Bowls. Flores hasn't coached since 1994. continue reading »