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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

New Hispanic Health IT Initiative Announced

With the Hispanic population as the nation’s largest minority, HIMSS announces the establishment of a new HIMSS Latino Initiative to focus on health IT needs for the rapidly growing Hispanic/Latino market. continue reading »

Feliz Cumpleaños to Plácido Domingo (VIDEO)

Born José Plácido Domingo Embil, the world-renowned Spanish tenor and conductor, Plácido Domingo turned 70 today. Friday, as he celebrates his birthday in his birthplace of Madrid, 20 of the world’s top opera singers will perform 15 arias in his honor. continue reading »

Fernando Botero’s New Year’s Resolution: To Finish His Passion of Jesus Christ Series.

Colombian painter Fernando Botero said he has finished thirty pieces, and none of them have satirical content. continue reading »

Spain: World’s Number One in Cyber Pirate

45% of Spain's Internet users use non authorized music distribution websites. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS: Mexican Musician Kalimba ARRESTED in El Paso (VIDEO)

U.S. and Mexican authorities say that Mexican singer Kalimba was arrested Thursday at El Paso International Airport. Officials said that Kalimba was taken into custody because he lacked the proper documents to travel in the U.S. continue reading »

Democrats Respond to GOP Health Care Repeal Vote- Repeal This!

Yesterday, House Republicans voted to repeal the new health insurance reform law. Even though they know the law won’t actually be repealed--because Democrats hold the White House and the Senate--they voted anyway in order to appease their Tea Party base. continue reading »

U.S. Immigration and Tyson Foods Partner to Ensure They Maintain Legal Workforce

Tyson Foods, Inc. is the newest member of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's(ICE) nationwide program designed to encourage businesses to collaborate with ICE and use hiring best practices to ensure they are maintaining a lawful workforce. continue reading »

Argentina Ahead of Chile in Wine Exports to the U.S.

Argentine wine exports to the United States surpassed those of neighboring Chile in 2010 by almost $12m. continue reading »

Italy’s Prime Minister Berlusconi Doesn’t Discriminate:  Lady Loves Include Latinas

Two Dominicans are on the list of women being investigated by Italian judges following claims that the 74-year old billionaire and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had paid for under-age prostitutes. continue reading »

NEW Adiddas Commercial Honoring the Best Soccer Player in The World (VIDEO)

To celebrate Lionel Messi's second straight Ballon d'Or, adidas put together a Spanish-language ad showing just how many millions of people he beat out to be the best. It also takes a funny jab at Ronaldo. continue reading »

Attorney General Issues Arrest Warrant for Singer Kalimba (GAME)

Mexico's DF Attorney General has issued a warrant for the arrest of Mexican musician Kalimba, and the promoter Gerard Michel Manel Aguilar. continue reading »

Latinos Wanting a Voice in Compton

In Southern California’s city of Compton, no Latino has ever held office in a city position despite the area now being around 60 percent Latino. Since 1969, eight Latinos have run for city council, but not a one has won a seat in the previously African-American-dominant neighborhood. continue reading »

“Chit Chat” Poised to Become Latina Version of “The View”

If, during the last decade or so, people wanted a female perspective on current events, they’d tune in to shows like "The View" and see a young mother, black women, middle-aged women, and various guest stars discuss them, but one perspective always seemed to be missing, Latinos’. continue reading »

Animapocalypse Continues with Squid and Octopus Die Offs (VIDEO)

The latest victims of the wave of mass animal deaths: Octopi continue reading »

Bolivia Appeals to the UN to Legalize Chewable Coca Leaf

Chewing coca leaves has been a common practice among Andean indigenous populations through countless generations, dating back to pre-Colombus times. continue reading »