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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Can You Get A DUI While Riding a Burro in Texas? (VIDEO)

Austin police officers arrested two men , one riding a horse, the other one riding a mule and charged them with DWI, after drivers complained they were having to swerve out of their way. continue reading »

Mexican Mayor Shot to Death – Third One in a Week

Mayor Luis Jiminez Mata, of Santiago Amoltepec, was shot to death when he was visiting the state capital of Oaxaca. He is the third municipal leader to be killed in a week and in 2011. continue reading »

20,000+ Mob Greets Brazilian Soccer Star Ronaldinho Back in Rio de Janeiro (VIDEO)

Ronaldinho,the Brazilian two time world player of the year, has returned to his homeland Brazil, as he signed a four year contract with the Flamingo soccer club, after a disappointing stint with the AC Milán. continue reading »

Argentina’s Presidential Funds Stolen - Was it an Inside Job? (VIDEO)

A government employee, Rodolfo Natalio Stefanon, says he was intercepted by three men on a motorcycle as he approached his home, in an exclusive Buenos Aires continue reading »

SAD Footage of Braziilan Woman Trying to Save Herself and Her Dog from Floods, Dog Perishes (VIDEO)

Too sad for words as a Brazilian woman who has lost her home and all her possessions tries to save herself and her small dog from the ravages of the floods overwhelming the country. As she is rescued the dog slips out of her hand, as she is lifted to safety - her cries for her dogs are just gut wrenching. continue reading »

Consulate General of Mexico Warns About “Safe Communities” Program Implementaton in Wisconsin

Safe Comunities has as its main objective to locate, detain and deport those individuals with serious criminal records, or those with deportation orders pending, who could represent a threat to the public. continue reading »

Chile Pursues Judicial Reform and Institutional Changes to its Judiciary

The government of Chile has secured international financing for $5.12 million to strengthen the institutional capacity of it's judicial branch. continue reading »

Latinos in Social Media [LATISM] Campaign Lays Foundation for Ongoing Program to Support Libraries

An essential part of the mission of Latinos in Social Media is to support education, one of the biggest challenge our community faces right now. continue reading »

Row in Philly Over Bimbo Sponsorship Printed on Soccer Team’s Jerseys (VIDEO)

Major League Soccer's Philadelphia Union, may have got more that they bargained for when signing a multimillion dollar sponsorship deal with south of the border bread and baked goods giant Bimbo. continue reading »

New Dinosaur Species Discovered in Argentina (VIDEOS)

A group of Argentine and American paleontologists have discovered that fossils found in northwest Argentina in 2000, belong to a species of dinosaur unknown until now, which lived about 230 million years ago. continue reading »

Omar Salgado, 17, Selected No. 1 in MLS SuperDraft, Heads to Vancouver

During Thursday’s Major League Soccer (MLS) SuperDraft, Omar Salgado only had to wait a matter of seconds before being picked up by an MLS team. The 17-year-old U.S. Under-20 Team continue reading »

Chile to Use More Solar Power Now Featured at Its Bus Stops

This year, Chile plans to equip 53 percent of Santiago's bus stops with solar panels to at night time, light stations outside the downtown area. continue reading »

Two Tunnels Between U.S.-Mexico Border Discovered as They’re Being Built

Sunday, during a joint tunnel sweep along the International Boundary Fence in Nogales, Border Patrol agents and Mexican law enforcement officers discovered two illicit tunnels leading from Mexico toward the United States. continue reading »

At Least a Dozen Students Arrested in Puerto Rico University

At least a dozen students have been arrested at the University of Puerto Rico, where activists and officials quarrel over a $800 fee that officials want to institute to "help close a gaping budget deficit;" Officials say the University's budget started the year with a $2 billion dollar deficit. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS: DREAM Act Foe, Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Won’t Seek Reelection

Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison announced that she will retire from the Senate when her term expires in 2012. continue reading »