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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Man Arrested at Puerto Rican Airport with 49 Heroin Pellets in Stomach

A 27-year-old U.S. citizen was taken into custody by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Saturday after U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Pancho Villa’s Heir Fighting Drug Cartels in Mexico

A hundred years after the Mexican Revolution, General Villa still battles in Coahuila. Carlos Villa is the great-nephew of Doroteo Arango a.k.a. Pancho Villa, the most charismatic revolutionary, continue reading »

Peruvian Community Celebrates New Year by Fist Fighting to Solve Past Grievances (VIDEO)

The community of Chumbilbilca, a province located Southeast of Cusco, keeps a very peculiar end of the year tradition. Before the new year arrives, fist fights are held in order to release tensions, settle scores and vent any personal problems that have built up over the year amongst members of the community. continue reading »

Rest in Cosmic Peace, Outer Space Burials Now Available in Latin America

The great beyond has became greater for Colombians and other Latin Americans, as the Medellín based "Betancur" funeral home now offers to send the remains of your loved ones far from this cruel world and into space, the final frontier. continue reading »

Scientists Will Simulate a Space Colony in Chile To Study Life In Mars

Chilean scientists along with scientists from several countries will construct a base in the arid-most desert in the world, Chile's Atacama (where the 33 miners got trapped) aiming to simulate a space colony in the planet Mars, which shares a lot of characteristics with Atacama. continue reading »

“Chapulín Colorado” Movie Coming to Theaters in 2011

More agile than a tortoise, stronger than a mouse, nobler than a piece of lettuce, his emblem is a yellow heart! (Más ágil que una tortuga, más fuerte que un ratón, más noble que una lechuga, su escudo es un corazón... ¡Es el Chapulín Colorado!) continue reading »

Argentinean Fertility Doctor Who Stole Embryos in U.S. Arrested in Mexico After 15 year Search

Dr Ricardo Asch has been arrested in Mexico after fleeing the U.S. fifteen years after he and another doctor were charged with harvesting eggs and stealing embryos of unsuspecting women being treated at the University of California’s Reproductive Health center. continue reading »

Disasters of 2010 that Made Headlines, Many Occurring in Latin America

2010 was a year marked by disasters both natural and man-made throughout the global, as every month came with its dose of cruel fate and the unexpected rage of mother nature. More than half of these disasters hit effected Latin America resulting in catastrophic loss of life, and billions in damages. continue reading »

Hispanically Speaking:  TOP TEN Latin American Movies We Saw in 2010

HS-News brings you the list of the Top Ten Latin American films we watched in 2010, we hope your foreign favorite is on this list. continue reading »

The 33 Chilean Miners Are Going to Disney World

Disney World has invited the miners, their rescuers and their immediate families to a six-night stay in Disney World. continue reading »

Sheriff Arpaio Mandatory Christmas Sing-a-Long Announces a Winner (UPDATE)

Jodi Arias, A 30 year old held on a 2,000,000 bond for the murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, was the winner of the sing-a-long competition. She and her cellmates enjoyed a turkey dinner, christmas cookies, and received stalkings full of goodies, but donated them to charities by suggestion of america's Toughest Sheriff. continue reading »

“India” a Bollywood Telenovela and the Newest Hit on Spanish Language TV

The Univision owned TeleFutura is airing "India" a 2009 Brazilian production that tells a story of forbidden love between a low-class Dalit man, and an upper-class woman. Set in India and Brazil, the telenovela originally titled "Caminho das Índias" (Road to India) was such a hit in Brazil, that TeleFutura bought it, hoping it will become just as popular here. continue reading »

Laugh Out Loud This and Every Sunday With HS-NEWS SUNDAY COMICS

Your source for Hispanically Speaking Cartoons continue reading »

FELIZ NAVIDAD to Puerto Rico - Santa Brings a 30 Second Earthquake to the Island

Last night as many Puerto Rican families were getting ready to celebrate Chrismas Eve Santa gave the island residents an early present - a 30 second 5.1 earthquake that occurred around 6:43 pm (EST). continue reading »

Latinos Are Fleeing Republicans, Not Flocking to Them

A few conservative talking heads are pointing to the slight increase in Latino support for Republicans in the 2010 election as evidence of growing support for the GOP among Latinos. Careful scrutiny, however, reveals that this assertion continue reading »