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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Spanish Soccer Team Kneels For the First Minute of Game Play in Protest (VIDEO)

The players from the Real Jaén team drop to their knees for the first minute of their game last Sunday against Lucena in a protest against the club owner Mr. Carlos Sánchez, and the fact that he hasn't paid them four months worth of salaries. continue reading »

Chile Sold More Than 185 Million Gallons of Wine to the World in 2010

The nation sold more than 185 million gallons of wine in 2010, making $1,500 million in revenue according to 'Vinos de Chile.' continue reading »

Move Over Conan: Former Clown to Conduct 1st Ever Late Night Spanish Talk Show

Spanish actor, comedian and former clown Lorenzo Parro, will be conducting the first Latin late night talk show all in Spanish in the U.S. continue reading »

What To do in Latin America When a Kid Steals Your Spot Light? Give Him $$, Grab his Crotch? (VID)

A video of Colombian Vallenato singer Silvestre Dangond giving a wad of cash to a kid, before grabbing his crotch on stage has become the latest internet sensation as a sure lesson on how to get rid of a cute kid who steals the spot light from you. continue reading »

Vietnam Veteran Brothers’ Deportations Postponed

Two brothers, after serving in the U.S. military during Vietnam, now face deportation from the very country they fought for. Valente Valenzuela, 62, and his brother Manuel, 59, have been allowed to remain in the U.S. for at least another year after a judge postponed their deportations until 2012. continue reading »

You are Likely Getting a Pay Raise this Year- Just Not in the Usual Way

The tax package that was passed in December included a temporary reduction in the Social Security deductions from workers paycheck by 2 %. continue reading »

A Toxic Mix of Alcohol, Partying and Amateur Bullfighting in Colombia (VIDEO)

Watch what happens when alcohol and bullfighting mix, in Sincelejo, Colombia. continue reading »

Condemnation for State Efforts to Violate the 14th Amendment

Anti-immigrant legislators seek to create permanent underclass of easily exploitable workers with no civil rights or occupational protections in perpetuity. continue reading »

Brazilian Playboy Bunny Soccer Referee Needs a Boyfriend - Can You Help Her?

Ana Paula Oliveira, the Brazilian referee who posed for Playboy in 2007 blogged that she was looking for a boyfriend, and within a few hours, there were already 300 candidates. continue reading »

HS-News Les Desea un Feliz Dia De Reyes

HS-News quiere desearles un feliz día de los reyes magos! continue reading »

Argentina Shows Off its White Lion Triplet Cubs, First to be Born in South America (VIDEO)

These adorable cubs were born in November, but only until this week were they ready to met the public after being under the watchful eye of the zoo vet. continue reading »

FOX Hispanic Cable Networks Post Record 2010 Ratings

FOX Deportes and Utilisima outperformed the competition in the Hispanic cable landscape in 2010 with two of the most popular offerings for both men and women. continue reading »

Mexican SuperStar Vicente Fernandez and Budweiser Fund Hispanic Scholarhships

During his 2010 concert tour, Budweiser and Mexican singing legend Vicente Fernandez brought together two of his passions, music and education, to help raise funds for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF). continue reading »

Breaking News: AZ Shooter Mistakenly Released from Jail in Dec , Mall Standoff Ends Peacefully (VID)

A gunman fired shots in a Phoenix valley shopping mall on Wednesday prompting an evacuation of the building and extensive search for the suspect, police said. continue reading »

The Three Nationalities of Mario Vargas Llosa. Peruvian, Spanish and now… Dominican

Mario Vargas Llosa has "accepted" a symbolic third nationality--Dominican. continue reading »