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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Lula Says Goodbye to Presidential House, Taking Eleven Truck Loads of Goodies & Gifts

With one more truck needed than what was originally budgeted, Former Brazil President, Luis Inacio Lula moved out the million and a half presents he received in the 8 years he served as president of the country. continue reading »

Republicans Call For Restart of Workplace Immigration Raids

Now that Republicans have control of the House, they’re jumping right into the battle for more aggressive immigration enforcement and are even calling on the president to being immigration raids at the workplace again. continue reading »

US Hispanics like their Smartphone’s, Broadband and Google (VIDEO)

Google has released a series of 4 short videos titled “Google Hispanic Marketing Forum”. Some interesting facts are -86% of Hispanics online have broadband continue reading »

Senate Tea Party Caucus Only Garners 4 Members, Marco Rubio a No-Show

The newly formed Senate Tea Party Caucus, all four of them, gathered yesterday for its inaugural meeting greeted by about 100 activists supporters but missing three other senators continue reading »

Javier Bardem Couldn’t “Keep His Hat On”  Had a Failed Stint as an “Exotic Dancer”

The Spanish Actor and new father Javier Bardem had doubts when he begun his working life, and dabbled in a number of odd jobs, including stripping. continue reading »

Former Pennsylvania Police Officers Convicted for Their Involvement in Hispanic Hate Crime

A federal jury in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., has convicted Matthew Nestor and William Moyer of falsifying information related to the investigation into the beating death continue reading »

Dr. Wagner Jr.

Dr. Wagner Jr. is the top tecnico not wearing a silver mask in CMLL continue reading »

JUST IN: Supreme Court Rules 7-0 for Rahm, He Remains on the Ballot for Chicago Mayor

The Illinois Supreme Court has rendered their decision on Rahm Emanuel’s ability to be on the Chicago Mayoral ballot for the February 22, 2011. continue reading »

Colombian Singer Shakira Reaches 1 Billion Views on YouTube

She joins a very exclusive list of artists who have reached that number that include Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. continue reading »

Swapped at Birth, Brazilian Youngsters Now Live Nearby and As One Large Family

After a local country music duo offered to buy them neighboring homes, toddlers Davidson Samuel and Lucas Daniel grow as friends, bound by the unusual bond of having spent their first year, living with each others moms. continue reading »

Pres. Calderon Signs New Law in Mexico for Refugees and Ayslum Seekers

Wednesday, Mexico’s president Felipe Calderon signed into law a measure to ensure those seeking refugee status and political asylum in Mexico are handled in accordance with international agreements. continue reading »

Chris Medina Shows True Heart (And Talent) on “American Idol”

Though Fox’s “American Idol” is usually full of characters with interesting stories, crazy outfits, and less than stellar voices, Wednesday’s episode brought America heartfelt crooner Chris Medina. continue reading »

NYC Transit Presents: Hey, There’s Another Rat Part 2 (VIDEO)

Brooklyn resident Nelson Gomez caught on camera another instance of a rat at large in the New York City subway. continue reading »

Former SC Governor Mark Sanford Cozies Up to his “Soul Mate” in Uruguay

Argentine celebrity magazine "Caras" published an eight page article spread on Sanford, detailing his love escapades in Punta del Este along side María Belén Chapur, just one week after leaving office. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS Kalimba is Freed! (VIDEO)

After spending 6 days in the Chetumal jail in Quintana Roo, Mexico, Popular Singer Kalimba has been freed. continue reading »