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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Nuevo Disco de Shakira Estaría Inspirado en Artistas como Nirvana y The Cure

La cantautora Colombiana explica que la produccion de su nuevo álbum estuvo inspirada en los artistas que escuchaba en la adolesencia. continue reading »

U.S. Treasury Clamps Down on Sinaloa Drug Cartel

The U.S. Department of the Treasury's today designated the Sinaloa cartel’s financial and transportation networks and numerous individuals as “foreign narcotics traffickers” located throughout Mexico and Colombia. continue reading »

Chilean Miner Rescue: A Study in Faith

The world was mesmerized by the incredible endurance and spirit of the Chilean Miners. Most notable was their faith (mostly Catholic) and belief in a higher power to persevere. continue reading »

Watch “Rage Against the Machine” Play a Song for the Chilean Miners (BILINGUAL)

Zack de La Rocha performed in Spanish "The Song of the Miner" by Chilean poet Victor Jara at the "Maquinaria Festival" in Santiago, Chile. continue reading »

La Tormenta Tropical “Paula” se Convierte en el Noveno Huracán de la Temporada

El Centro Nacional de Huracanes de los Estados Unidos indicó en su boletín de las 11.00 GMT del día de hoy que 'Paula' es un ciclón de categoría uno en la escala de intensidad de Saffir-Simpson, de un máximo de cinco, y está localizado a 310 kilómetros al sur-oriente de Cozumel, en la península del Yucatán, presentando vientos máximos sostenidos de 120 kilómetros por hora y desplazándose en dirección noroeste con una velocidad de traslación de 17 kilómetros por hora. continue reading »

Dios Mio…Spanish Language Television Coming to Iran!

Iran launches Spanish language television to "explain ideological legitimacy"of the Islamic system. continue reading »

Vargas Llosa Wins Nobel Prize

continue reading »

If Your Drive to Work is Not as Exciting as it Should be…

HS-News has some suggestions... continue reading »

Presidente Mexicano Llama a un Pacto Para Acabar con la Pobreza Antes de los Próximos 5 Años

Con el objetivo de solucionar dentro de los próximos cinco años los espeluznantes problemas pobreza que doblegan a 43 millones de personas en México (un índice que representa un demoledor 40% de la población) el gobierno congregó a todos los sectores de la nación a unirse en un pacto. continue reading »

Guatemala Getting Help to Recover from Onslaught of Natural Disasters

An international conference opened in Guatemala today to help in the reconstruction of the Central American country after devastating volcanic eruptions and torrential rains, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pledging full United Nations support. continue reading »

Four Dead in Gunfight Inside a Bus in Guatemala (BILINGUAL)

Four people died and another four sustained wounds after a gunfight inside a bus this Monday in the province of Jutiapa, in the south west of Guatemala, informed officials of the rescue corps. continue reading »

Argentine Soccer Star Messi, the New Image of Dolce & Gabbana (BILINGUAL)

Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi, currently considered the best in the planet for his spectacular performances with the Barcelona soccer team, will be from now on the image of the italian brand Dolce & Gabbana. continue reading »

Yet Another Spanish Cyclist Caught in Doping Scandal (BILINGUAL)

Margarita Fullana’s case is one of four doping cases recently. Team Mates Ezequiel Mosquera and David García da Pena tested positive for hydroxyethyl starch, and Tour de France winner Alberto Contador, tested positive for Clebuterol. continue reading »

Chavez Agrees with China in Dissing Nobel Peace Prize given to Chinese Dissident

The Chinese government has found an ally in Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in agreeing that jailed dissident, Liu Xiaobo, should not have received the Nobel Prize for Peace. continue reading »

No Joke: Charo Makes American TV Debut of New Song “Sexy Sexy” (VIDEO)

You would think we should be offended that any artist is lip-synching a performance but actually that was the least offensive aspect of Charo’s American TV debut of her new song “Sexy Sexy”. We don’t know where to start except to say its GOD AWFUL. continue reading »