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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Lack of Confidence in Mexican Judicial Issue When Investigating Forced Disappearances

Impunity is still a major concern when it comes to tackling enforced disappearances in Mexico, a group of United Nations human rights experts said today as they outlined recommendations to the Government on the prevention, investigation, punishment and reparation of this crime. continue reading »

The Mosquitos are Back! Using Cell Phones to Combat Dengue

Dengue is getting worse in the Americas. During late 2010 the first dengue case in the United States outside the Texas Mexican Border since 1945 was detected in Key West and the disease has already spread to Miami. continue reading »

Upstate New York Dairy Farmer Charged with Harboring Illegal Aliens

An Adams, N.Y., farmer was arrested this week and charged with harboring illegal aliens, following a joint investigation by U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. continue reading »

Intern Daniel Hernandez Speaking to Rep. Gabby Giffords on Phone

Intern Daniel Hernandez, who applied pressure to the wound on Giffords' forehead and pulled her into his lap, holding her upright so she would not choke on her own blood, said he has had "short continue reading »

Ramirez Shines on Grey’s Anatomy Musical (VIDEO)

Sara Ramirez -- better known as Dr. Callie Torres on TV's Grey's Anatomy -- soared in a special 'musical' episode of the Emmy Award winning ABC drama Thursday night. continue reading »

Petition on Anti-Immigrant Laws in GA! Please sign and spread!

Please sign and pass the word!!!! We are at a critical moment and we need your help. Georgia - with a long history of oppression and an equally long history of fierce resistance - is on the brink of implementing Arizona-style anti-immigrant legislation. continue reading »

“Border Security First” Advocates Block Real Immigration Reform

The “border security first” mantra is a popular refrain in Congress these days. The Republican-led House of Representatives has held numerous border-focused hearings and many more are continue reading »

Last Minute Tips for Filing Your Taxes from the IRS

The extension probably brings little relief to the millions of taxpayers who always wait until the last minute, regardless of the deadline. The following tips will help you file your taxes on time and avoid mistakes. continue reading »

Remarks by the President at Univision Town Hall on Latinos and Education( and more)

Only one out of three of Hispanic students actually graduates from high school. They drop out. And Iris Mendosa, a student from this school has a question for you Mr President continue reading »

“Light it up Blue” More than 200 buildings in The World will Light Up Blue For Autism Awareness Day

Several buildings around the world will turn their lights blue to raise awareness for autism and to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day on Saturday, April 2. continue reading »

Sofía Vergara and David Beckham Together in Diet Pecsi Ad (VIDEO)

Watch behind the scenes footage of the shooting of the new diet Pecsi ad featuring Colombian actress Sofía Vergara, and soccer star David Beckham continue reading »

Man Escapes Jail Not Once but Twice When Wife Faxes in Bogus Note

Spanish police say they have arrested a man who twice escaped from custody by having his wife send fake faxes ordering his release. continue reading »

Hugo Chávez’s Meeting in Colombia with Santos Postponed Because Chavez Can’t Find Plane Parts

The meeting was postponed from the early morning, to 4:00 PM and then to next Saturday, because Señor Hugo's plane broke in Bolivia, and no one can't find the parts to fix it. continue reading »

Asst Secretary of State Arturo Valenzuela to Visit Tijuana, Mexico

Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Arturo Valenzuela will visit Tijuana, Mexico, on Monday, April 4, and San Diego, California, on April 5. In Tijuana, Assistant Secretary Valenzuela will meet with representatives of the Baja California state government, civil society, and youth leaders. In San Diego, he will meet with representatives of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, deliver keynote remarks on the state of press freedom in the hemisphere at the Institute of the Americas’ Hemispheric Forum on Freedom of Expression, and speak with students at the University of California at San Diego about U.S. policy in Latin America and careers in diplomacy. continue reading »

Colombian Drug Trafficker Guilty of Importing Cocaine via Boat from As Far Away as Venezuela

Colombian drug trafficker Carlos Ojeda-Herrera pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Ellen S. Huvelle in the District of Columbia to conspiring and attempting to transport shipments of 700- 800 kilograms of cocaine from Isla de Margarita, off the coast of Venezuela continue reading »