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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

REPORT:  ‘Urgent Need’ for Cancer Research Among U.S. Minorities

The United States urgently needs to expand research and improve understanding of cancer among minority populations, according to a special report issued Thursday by the President's Cancer Panel. continue reading »

Argentina Investing to Improve Global Exports by Small-to-Mid Size Businesses

Argentina will seek to increase the value of annual exports by its small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by $90 million over the next two years, as part of a program to strengthen the management of foreign trade policy that will be supported by a $3 million loan approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

Sen. Menendez in Support of Rep. Lofgren’s Call to Investigate Secure Communities Program

Amid reports that the Department of Homeland Security misled local governments to coerce them into participating in the Secure Communities program and ignored concerns with the program’s impact on crime fighting continue reading »

Florida Shouldn’t Make AZ’s Mistake; Anti-Immigrant Bills Will Be Bad for the State’s Economy

Roughly a year after passage of Arizona’s harsh anti-immigrant legislation, S.B. 1070, the Florida state legislature is considering two similar bills. These bills pose a severe economic threat to the state. If passed, they will undoubtedly blight the state’s image, hurt businesses, and alienate the state’s legal immigrant population—all without solving the problem of undocumented immigration. continue reading »

U.S. Immigration’s Victim Assistance Program Puts Victim’s Needs First

The phone rings at 1:32 a.m. At that hour, the news can't be good. The agent on the line received a referral from a local law enforcement partner who encountered an abused and exploited individual, potentially someone who has been trafficked for sex or labor. continue reading »

Hispanic World Prepares for Nuptials of Príncipe Guillermo, and Future Princesa Catalina

The Hispanic world, like everywhere else, is preparing for the royal wedding nuptials of Príncipe Guillermo, and Future Princesa Catalina, as they will be known in the region. Traditionally, the names of Popes, and members of the Royalty are translated, a practice alive since the Renaissance. continue reading »

President Obama Meets with Hispanic Public Figures to Discuss Immigration

Thursday, President Obama hosted a number of "influential Hispanics from across the country to discuss the importance of fixing the broken immigration system." continue reading »

Mortgages Scare for Minorities According to Most Recent Study

The report, Paying More for the American Dream V, examines the most recent home mortgage data available to the public, for New York City and six other metropolitan areas, continue reading »

$15,000 Fine for Owl Kicking Soccer Player Luis Moreno

Panamanian soccer player Luis Moreno was sanctioned by the Environment Department of Barranquilla. continue reading »

Mexico’s Contribution to Pope John Paul II Beatification: A Miracle and Mangos

This May 1st, the late Pope John Paul II will be beatified as México embraces the memory of one of the most charismatic religious leaders. continue reading »

Obama Meets with Panamanian President After Release of Revealing Wikileaks Documents

President Obama will be meeting with Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli Thursday to discuss security and trade. This meeting comes after Wikileaks released State Department cables in which Martinelli was not spoken of favorably. continue reading »

Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead Now Digital and In Spanish

Archie Comics is offering digital editions of their comics in Spanish, at www.archiedigital.com continue reading »

Man Pleads Guilty to Crimes Against Hispanics and Racial Intimidation

The Justice Department announced today that Johnny Mathis, 47, of Lecompte, La., pleaded guilty to two federal crimes for shooting at the home of three Hispanic men living across the street from him because of the victims’ race and national origin. continue reading »

Mexican Rock Band Maná Calls for Immigration Reform On the Eve of Their First Album in 5 Years

Mexican rock band, Mana, calls for “justice for the undocumented” while attending Billboard’s Latin Music Conference in Miami. continue reading »

How America has Fueled Illegal Immigration

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg railed against the current anti-immigrant sentiment on Fox News Sunday this past weekend. continue reading »