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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Brown Heroin Found in Laptop Cases with Culprit Attempting to Cross Border in Taxi

Was it the five laptop bags that the man had or was it that he was traveling from Mexico to the U.S. in a taxicab? Probably it was both facts that flagged U.S. Customs and Protection (CBP) officers whereby continue reading »

Colombian DJ Alex Sensation to be the First Latino Johnnie Walker Spokesperson (VIDEO)

The Bogotá born DJ, whose real name is Javier Alexander Salazar, learned he had become the image of Johnnie Walker Black Label, at Latin Quarters, a nightclub in New York City, where officials made the announcement. continue reading »

Police Report: Man Beheaded in Arizona Stole From Mexican Drug Cartel

Wednesday, police confirmed that a man found beheaded in an Arizona apartment in October was killed after stealing from Mexican drug smugglers. On October, 10th, 2010, Martin Alejandro Cota-Monroy’s body was discovered continue reading »

FBI: Ted Kennedy Rented Out an Entire Chilean Brothel for A Night of Debauchery

Recently released FBI files dated December 1961, reveals that the late Edward “Ted” Kennedy rented out an entire Chilean brothel, while he was the assistant district attorney for Suffolk County, Massachusetts. continue reading »

HUMOR: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s Most Violent City, Now Part of U.S. Says Gov of Texas

This week Governor Perry was too busy complaining about illegal immigration to remember exactly where Ciudad Juarez is located. continue reading »

Latin Lovin:Scarlett Johansson & Sean Penn Do Cuban Restaurant Footsy Then Mexico for an Overnighter

Its called loco love when you go for a quickie, not that kind of quickie, we mean a quickie trip to Mexico. It appears that rumors about Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn are proving to be true. continue reading »

College Students Draw New Congressional Maps

After each census, most states need to redraw their congressional districts -- some states pick up a new representative; some lose one; and even the states that stay the same have often had their populations shift so districts continue reading »

State Senator Claims Illegals Drawing State Benefits in Oklahoma and Introduces Bill to Deport

During a Senate Appropriations committee meeting this morning, State Senator Mark Allen proposed a bill (SB 820) which would call for deporting family members of illegal aliens who are incarcerated if those family members are continue reading »

U.S. Government Plans to Replace Miles of Outdated Border Fence

U.S. Customs and Border Protection today announced that construction to replace an estimated 2.8 miles of outdated primary pedestrian fence along the U.S-Mexico border adjacent to the city of Nogales, Ariz., continue reading »

Proposed Foreign VISA Registration System to Reduce Costs for U.S. Employers

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is publishing tomorrow a proposed rule that could save U.S. businesses more than $23 million over the next 10 years by establishing continue reading »

Gamexpress (Lucha Libre AAA Heroes del Ring)Growths in the Video Game Market Place

For almost a quarter century, Gamexpress (GX) has been Latin America's foremost video game distributor. GX has thrived by driving video game sales in their core market, Mexico. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Authorities Fear as Many as 70 Bodies in Mass Narco Grave

State authorities in Guerrero confirmed that during the day Tuesday, a mass narco grave in the community of La Gavia, which belongs to the municipality of San Miguel Totolapan. continue reading »

$1.4 Million in Cash Seized at Border Heading to Mexico

U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers and U.S. Border Patrol agents working outbound enforcement operations at the Hidalgo/Reynosa International Bridge seized $1,458,923 in undeclared bulk U.S. currency. continue reading »

Hispanics and African-Americans More Positive than Others About Homeownership

Fannie Mae's latest national housing survey finds that Americans are more confident about the stability of home prices than they were at the beginning of 2010, even though they lack confidence in the strength of the economy. continue reading »

Oscar de la Hoya Will Hold Boxing Clinics for Troops Overseas

Former boxing champ-turned-singer and entrepreneur Oscar De La Hoya is set to visit troops based in the Middle East and teach them how to fight in the ring. continue reading »