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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Race and Beyond: Osama’s Death Unites Americans that Came of Age After 9/11

Late on a clear, cool, spring Sunday night, a dozen or so young people rushed to the north side gate that separates the White House from a large public park in downtown Washington, D.C. They waved flags that fluttered shimmering stars on a blue background, rippled by red and white stripes. They chanted “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” over and over. A few broke into song, a full-throated, if off-key version of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” continue reading »

Raft Made of Wood & Intertubes Intercepted on U.S. Waters with Cubans Attempting to Reach U.S.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection marine interdiction agents thwarted an attempt by four Cuban citizens to reach the U.S. on a crude raft Thursday morning. continue reading »

Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy offering Lucha Libre Training in Southern CA

Santino Bros Wrestling Academy is proud to announce the arrival of Los Luchas Phoenix Star & Zokre to the list of schools within the dojo. Effective immediately, Los Luchas have secured the Tuesday night slot of 7pm - 10pm for traditional lucha libre training. continue reading »

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Adds New Members to Advisory Council

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) today announced recent additions to its 2011-12 Advisory Council, adding dedicated national leaders committed to the organization's mission of developing the next generation of Latino leaders. continue reading »

Men Arrested for ‘Selling’ Prostitutes from Mexico & Central America in U.S.

Joseph H. Hogsett, U.S. Attorney, today announced the dismantling of a criminal organization similar to those involved in the illegal importation and distribution of controlled substances continue reading »

Spain’s El Hierro Island is Looking to Become the Greenest Place on Earth

The Easternmost of the Canary Islands is launching an innovative wind-power system that will make the island fully energy self-sufficient. continue reading »

National Tequila Party Tour Will Kick Off in Arizona

The Tequila Party, an non-partisan movement, will be launched in the State of Arizona which is also known as immigration ground zero to Hispanics. The purpose of the Tequila Party tour is to encourage Latinos across the nation to participate in the upcoming 2012 elections. continue reading »

Brazilian Phenom Ronaldo Now a Hollywood Villain

The top World Cop goal scorer will play a villain, opposite Juliette Lewis and Andy García. continue reading »

Dominican Pitcher Francisco Liriano Throws First No-Hitter of the Season

The Dominican Republic pitcher for the Minnesota Twins, prevented the White Sox from scoring at home, in the U.S. Cellular Field by pitching the first no-hitter of the baseball season. continue reading »

Lorenzo Lamas Asks Daughter, 25, For Blessing to Marry Wife #5, Shawna Craig, 24

Though, before he traded vows with his 24-year-old bride, Lamas, 53, reportedly asked his daughter Shayne Lamas, 25, for her blessing. continue reading »

Shakira Caught at a Strip-School in Spain (VIDEO)

Is this how she prepares her choreographies, or is she planning something naughty for Piqué for making it to the Champions final? continue reading »

San Ysidro Border Crossing to Expand Under Presidential Permit, Is Busiest in U.S.

In order to help develop a modernized U.S.-Mexico border that promotes both economic competitiveness and enhanced security, the Department of State has issued a Presidential permit for the expansion and continue reading »

Youth Joblessness at Nearly 20 Percent

As the class of 2011 nears graduation, the usual stress points of Latin honors and remaining credits are taking a backseat to a more dire problem. In an economy where continue reading »

Boat on San Diego Beach Leads to Seizure of Large-Scale Human Smuggling Operation

A key figure in a large-scale maritime human smuggling organization and three alleged are facing charges, that began with the discovery of an abandoned vessel on a San Diego County beach and culminated six hours later with t continue reading »

Honduras Set to Return to the Organization of American States

The announcement by the Organization of American States (OAS) that the Principal condition for the return of Honduras to the OAS has now been met. The Honduran Supreme Court, on May 2, continue reading »