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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

New Book on Latina Teen Suicide Attempts to Uncover Reality Behind Grim Statistics

Luis Zayas’ commitment to U.S. Latinas and their struggle with suicide started in the 1970s when he encountered the pain and suffering that the teenage girls and their parents were experiencing during his work in emergency rooms and mental health-care clinics. continue reading »

UN Official Commends Mexican Human Rights Reform Efforts

A top United Nations official has lauded Mexico’s enactment of constitutional changes on human rights as a positive reform that will pave the way for greater protection of internationally recognized rights in that country. continue reading »

USDA Meets with Hispanic Farmers in CA to Discuss Process to Resolve Discrimination Claims

As part of continued efforts to close the chapter on allegations of past discrimination at USDA, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Fred Pfaeffle held a series of outreach meetings this week with farmers and ranchers to talk about the process that has been continue reading »

Report Shows Employment of Blacks Trailing That of Hispanics and Whites

The Labor Department released "The Black Labor Force in the Recovery" on Monday, the latest report in a series examining the situations of women and minorities in the American economy since the recession that began in 2007. In 2010, the unemployment rate for blacks was 16 percent – significantly higher than those of both whites and Hispanics. continue reading »

Fox News Propagates Evidence-Free Attack Scapegoating Undocumented Immigrants For Higher Crime Rates

Fox News' America Live repeated the accusation that undocumented immigrants have increased crime rates in Hazleton, Pennsylvannia. However, America Live failed to report that the there is no evidence supporting continue reading »

“The Guardian” Says Best Goal of The European Soccer Season, Scored By Colombian (VIDEO)

Not Messi, Not Pedro. Porto’s Fredy Guarín scored the best goal of the season from about one hundred feet away, against Marítimo. continue reading »

Number of Minority-Owned Businesses Soar from 2002-2007 Contributing $860.5 Billion to Economy

In 2007, minority-owned firms numbered 5.8 million, up from 4.0 million in 2002, an increase of 45.5 percent, more than double the 17.9 percent increase for all U.S. businesses, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2007 Survey of Business Owners continue reading »

PGA Thinking About South American Circuit

PGA Officials have spent the last 18 months meeting with golf federations all through South America and the Caribbean. continue reading »

Argentine Polo Team Captain Signs Deal to Clone Horses

The clone of a top mare was sold for $800,000 at an auction in Argentina last year. continue reading »

Proportionately More Young Hispanic Adults Getting HS Diplomas, Fewer Dropping Out Than Decade Ago

Proportionately more young Hispanic adults are completing high school and fewer are dropping out than were doing so a decade ago, according to an analysis of enrollment trends by the U.S. Census Bureau. continue reading »

Boston Archdiocese Seeks to Canonize Spanish-Born Priest and Opus Dei Leader

The Archdiocese of Boston has just announced that it has begun the process to have Father Joseph Muzquiz canonize. Father Muzquiz was born in Spain, ordained in 1944 and was part of the Opus Dei ministry starting in 1941. continue reading »

Senate Dems & Hispanic Education Experts Meet to Find Ways to Improve Education System for Latinos

Today the Senate Democratic Hispanic Task Force discussed the state of education for Latinos, within the context of the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). One out of every five K-12 students in the United States is Latino, and their success is critical to the competitive future of this country. continue reading »

ANIMAPOCALYPSE: Hundreds of Penguins Wash Up On Uruguayan Shores

As many as 600 Magallan penguins have been found dead on Uruguayan coasts; scientists are investigating why so many penguins have died on their way to Brazilian waters. continue reading »

HEAR Selena Gomez and the Scene’s Brand New Song “Bang Bang Bang”

Selena's newest album "When The Sun Goes Down" will be officially available on June 28. continue reading »

Study: Stark Differences in Media Use Between Minority, White Youth

Minority youth aged 8 to 18 consume an average of 13 hours of media content a day -- about 4-1/2 hours more than their white counterparts, according to a Northwestern University report, the first national study to focus exclusively on children’s media use by race and ethnicity. continue reading »