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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Busy Mexico City Airport Prepares for Possible Ebola Cases

The Mexico City International Airport is ready to deal with any possible cases of Ebola, a viral disease that is spreading through West Africa, aviation officials said. continue reading »

Number of Foreign Students Studying in Spain Continues to Decline

The number of foreign-born students in basic education in Spain dropped 4.2 percent in the 2013-2014 academic year to levels similar to what they were in 2008, the Education Ministry said Monday. continue reading »

Mexico’s PEMEX Looks to Foreign Alliances

State-owned oil giant Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, has had contacts with about 80 foreign energy companies about possible oil exploration and production partnerships, media reports said. continue reading »

Mexican Businesses Agree to Reopen After Protests, Looting

Shopkeepers, gasoline station owners and hoteliers have reached an agreement with officials in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca to reopen their businesses, which were closed following protests by teachers that ended with vandalism and looting. continue reading »

MO Governor Declares State of Emergency, Curfews in Ferguson

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency on Saturday and ordered a curfew in Ferguson, the town where a week ago a policeman killed a young African-American, which has provoked disturbances almost every day since then. continue reading »

Mexican Police Arrest Man Suspected of 18 Homicides

Police have arrested a man suspected of involvement in at least 18 homicides, the top prosecutor in the central state of Mexico said. continue reading »

Jazz, Flamenco Are Highlight of New York Flame Festival

Jazz has its blues, flamenco its laments, both are rich in improvisation, and now there is an occasion that brings these two styles together - the Flame Festival in New York, where four Spanish artists living in the city show the results of their musical fusion. continue reading »

Over 300,000 Abandoned Dogs Live On Streets of Bolivia

More than 300,000 abandoned dogs live on the streets of Bolivia, a country of 10 million inhabitants, officials said. The expert in animal-transmitted infections at the Bolivian Health Ministry, Grover Paredes, said in a statement to state news agendy ABI that there are 300,000 stray dogs in the country and urged that the "indiscriminate sale" of animals be controlled to put an end to that situation. continue reading »

Odebrecht-Led Consortium Wins Colombian River Contract

Colombia's government has awarded a consortium led by Brazilian engineering giant Odebrecht a 3.5-trillion-peso ($1.3-billion) contract to improve the navigability of the Magdalena River, the Andean nation's longest. continue reading »

Biologists Discover New Bat Species Native Only to Bolivian Savannas

Brazilian biologist Ricardo Moratelli discovered in Bolivia a new species of golden bat that only lives on the savannas of that country, the director of the Biodiversity and Genetics Center of Cochabamba, Luis Fernando Aguirre, told Efe. continue reading »

4 Children Rescued From Mexico Shelter Allegedly Committed Suicide

The Mexican agency attending to children who were rescued last month from a squalid shelter in the western state of Michoacan called on prosecutors to investigate reports that four of the minors committed suicide in recent weeks. continue reading »

Mayor Running for Re-Election Killed in Peru

Authorities are investigating the murder of the mayor of the central Peruvian municipality of Amarilis, a senior police officer said Friday. Marzony Vasquez, who was seeking re-election in October, died en route to the hospital Thursday night after two assailants on a motorcycle shot him as he was driving to his home, Col. Juan Albarracin told the media. continue reading »

Deferred Action Sparks Debate In Light of Immigration Reform Failure

With more than 500,000 young people enrolled, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has not only been in force for two years this Friday but its importance looms ever larger in debates about immigration policy, in which some seek its repeal and others want to expand it. continue reading »

Following Death of Presidential Candidate Brazil Party May Turn to Marina Silva

Environmentalist Marina Silva appeared on Friday to be the Brazilian Socialist Party's most likely choice to fill the void left by the death of presidential nominee Eduardo Campos in a plane crash earlier this week. continue reading »

Chilean Police Defuse Bomb Planted at Bank

Chilean police defused an explosive device before dawn Friday that had been planted in a branch office of the Banco del Estado, located several blocks south of downtown Santiago. continue reading »