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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

JUST IN:  JLo Signs up For 2nd Season of Idol and Gets a Big Raise

The Wrap is reporting that Jennifer Lopez has inked a deal to return to ‘American Idol’ as a judge. It is also being reported that the Puerto-Rican beauty is getting a whopper raise from the Fox Network. continue reading »

Hugo Chávez Makes 1st Public Appearance With Shaved Head & Now Has an Exercise Video(VIDEO)

We also bring you video of the Venezuelan leader directing his cabinet’s fitness routine a la Richard Simmons. continue reading »

DON’T MISS Ana de la Reguera in “Cowboys & Aliens” (VIDEO)

The former love interest of Univisión’s Jorge Ramos is a part of the most successful box office hit this week! continue reading »


continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Virginia Butt Slasher Attacking Women in Malls

Police are on the lookout for a Hispanic male they believe has been attacking young women in shopping centers. The slasher’s most recent victim was an 18-year-old girl who was shoppi continue reading »

Charlie Sheen Rescues Ex From Xtreme Rehab in Mexico

The master winner and king of altruism went south of the border in his private jet to pick Brooke Mueller up and bring her to safety! continue reading »

Immigration Judges at Border Have Higher Rate of Denying Asylum Petitions

According to a new study by the Transactional Records Access Clearninghouse shows that immigration judges working at the border are more likely to deny asylum petitions from Mexican nationals than anywhere else in the country. continue reading »

MALDEF Secures Court Victory: Texas Can’t Deny Drivers Licenses to Legally Working Immigrants

Yesterday, the 345th District Court in Travis County granted a declaratory judgment and enjoined the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) from enforcing rules it created that deny driver’s licenses to immigrants living and working in Texas with authorization from the federal government. continue reading »

Mexico: Fewer Coming, Fewer Leaving, and 3/5 of Unauthorized Have Been Here for a Decade or Longer

Today, the Immigration Policy Center releases a summary of recent data on Mexican migration to and from the United States. This data provides an important reminder that as migration patterns change over time, so too must U.S. immigration policies. continue reading »

ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Puerto Rican Govt Detention Center for Girls - Alleging Abuse

The ACLU learned of the abuse through interviews with girls at the facility, but the investigation was halted when staff at the detention center stopped the questioning and refused to allow the research team to return. continue reading »

‘I Ordered 1,500 Killings’ Says Recently Captured La Linea Leader ‘El Diego’ Hernandez

La Linea cartel leader Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez known as ‘El Diego’ has been in custody for just one day and he has already confessed to ordering the murders of 1,500 people. continue reading »

All of Mexico City’s Splendor Now Available on New Travel iApp

One of the world’s largest metropolitan spaces is now easier to maneuver with the launch of the StyleMap Mexico City application, now available to download for free at the iTunes store. The newly released app invites travelers to get a feel for Mexico City before boarding the plane and be fully prepared to live like a local upon arriving to the dynamic city. continue reading »


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TRENDING:  ‘Selena and Justin Broke Up?! YES!!!  (VIDEO)

Watch YouTube sensation (remember the bar for talent is very low) TimothyDeLaGhetto trying to win our Latina sweetheart Selena. His only viable talent appears to be making YouTube videos that everyone watches. Tell us what you think because we think it stink, continue reading »

Tecate Wins Out Over Bud Light in the Robot World (VIDEO)

Clearly the brainiac’s at Trossen Robotics didn’t know how to entertain its robotic creation call Darwin-OP the Humanoid, so they decided to see what his artificial intelligence would tell them about beer preferences. continue reading »