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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Colombia Funds Early Childhood Services for Low-Income Households in Country

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), a member of the IDB Group, is partnering with Fundación Carulla in Colombia to create a franchise of high-quality early childhood services for low-income households in the country. continue reading »

Come Celebrate With Us “National Rum Day”

August 16 is National Rum day, and to celebrate it, we bring you a delicious selection of recipes and cocktails that call for the Captain’s favorite beverage! continue reading »

Hormonal Disorder Making Dominican Boys Grow Breasts (VIDEO)

The disorder could have been detected and prevented early on, but due to a precarious financial situation, the Ramírez boys have never seen an specialist. continue reading »

Take a Look at Costa Rica’s Own “Slut Walk” (VIDEO)

For the first time ever in Costa Rica, and in response to a bishop’s remarks on modesty, thousands of women marched to stop objectification and violence against women. continue reading »

Bradley Cooper Abandons Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Remake of “The Crow”

Bradley Cooper has realized that his schedule starting this fall is way too busy to throw on top preparing and embodying the character of Eric Draven, in Juan Carlo’s Fresnadillo’s continue reading »

Texas Border Patrol Make Largest Drug Seizure in Years: 100 Bricks of Cocaine Worth $8.4M

CBP U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Eagle Pass South Station seized more than 260 pounds of cocaine Friday evening. The incident marked the largest cocaine seizure in the Del Rio Border Patrol Sector since August 2006. continue reading »

Board of Immigration Ascerts Immigrants Arrested Not Entitled to Certain Miranda-Like Warnings

The American Immigration Council strongly condemns last week’s ruling from the Board of Immigration Appeals holding that immigrants arrested without a warrant are not entitled to certain Miranda-like warnings prior to questioning by immigration officers. continue reading »

Ambassador Melanne S. Vereer to Travel to Mexico to Discuss Women’s Issues

Melanne Verveer, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, will travel to Mexico City, Mexico August 16-19 to promote bilateral engagement on women’s economic empowerment and political participation, as well as challenges women face on key societal issues like citizen safety. continue reading »

Winners of 26th Annual Imagen Awards Announced Honoring Latinos in Entertainment

Winners of the 26th Annual Imagen (Spanish for “image”) Awards, honoring positive portrayals of Latinos and Latino culture in entertainment, were announced tonight at a star-studded dinner ceremony held in the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. continue reading »

Are Luis Miguel and Daisy Fuentes Having a Baby Together?

The Argentine newspaper “Primicia YA” not only thinks so, but says they have confirmed it. It would be the fourth for him, and the first for her. According to the Argentine website, continue reading »

Check Out The Paraguayan Orchestra of the Recycled Instruments (VIDEO)

From Beethoven to the Beatles, from Vivaldi to Sinatra, this orchestra plays their music on instruments they built themselves, out of garbage. continue reading »

Cesc Fábregas Bids Arsenal Farewell and Goes Back Home to Barça with a $320M Buy Out Clause

The awaited return of Cesc Fábregas to his childhood club was sealed Monday, when he signed a five year contract with Barcelona FC. continue reading »

Hate Crimes Against Latinos Increase by Almost 47% in California

Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today announced that the number of reported hate crimes in California held steady in 2010. In 2010, there were 1,107 hate crime events reported statewide, and in 2009 the number of hate crimes reported statewide was 1,100. continue reading »

WATCH Real Madrid’s Newest Player, Kicking It at 7-Yrs Old (VIDEO)

Watch Argentine fútbol prodigy Leonel Ángel Coira, the 7 year-old who just got signed to the minor division of the Spanish club Real Madrid. 7 year-old Leonel Angel Coira became the youngest player ever signed to the “Benjamin” division of the Real Madrid. continue reading »

Cristina Fernández Indisputable Leader of Argentina’s First Ever Primaries

Mrs. Fernández snatched close to 50% of the primary votes, clouding the aspirations of 9 other candidates too weak to contend against her re-election campaign. continue reading »