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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Mayo Clinic en Español Launched to Better Engage Hispanic Community(VIDEO)

Mayo Clinic has announced the creation of its Facebook page Mayo Clinic en español and the successful growth of @ClinicaMayo on Twitter. Both sites offer the opportunity for deeper engagement by patients and medical professionals within the Hispanic social media community, which will broadly expand the information and support available in Spanish on health issues. continue reading »

Proposals to Raise National Debt Ceiling by Undercutting Bedrock Safety Net Programs Hurts Hispanics

As we inch closer to the deadline to raise our national debt ceiling, the Hispanic Federation is deeply concerned that the plans being negotiated by our nation's leaders are essentially big spending cut packages that will disproportionately hurt Latinos and other working class Americans. continue reading »

DREAM ON this weekend with a Latin American Natural Wonder

DREAM ON this weekend with a Latin American natural wonder. Guess What and Where this is? continue reading »

Coalition Asks Court to Block Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant HB 56 Law

The Southern Poverty Law Center and a coalition of other civil rights groups filed a motion asking a federal judge to block Alabama’s anti-immigrant law from taking effect Sept. 1. continue reading »

Spanish Collector Selling a Possible Marilyn Monroe Sex-Tape (VIDEO)

A Spanish collector is seeking to put the 8mm film of the platinum blond star having sex for auction. continue reading »


The Film, Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo features Clive Owen and will open the San Sebastián Film Festival October 7. continue reading »

ANONYMOUS Has Colombian Government Under Siege

Colombia's President Juan Manual Santos, former President Alvaro Uribe, the Ministry of Defense and the National Police were all victims of attacks by hackers this week. continue reading »

‘En Quien Confiar’ the Democrats and Obama’s 1st Spanish Language Ad for 2012 Election (VIDEO)

The first Spanish language ad for the Democratic National Party’s (DNC) bid to reelect President Obama has been launched with the title: “En Quien Confiar”. (The One to Trust). continue reading »

The Copa América is Almost Over. How do You Think It’ll End? (POLL)

Come participate in our poll, is it going to be Paraguay or Uruguay? Who will be third, Venezuela, or Perú? Come to our Forum! continue reading »

Hugo Chávez Using Twitter to Complain About Soccer and Run the Country

Hugo said he’ll talk to Conmebol officials to Protest the semifinal Copa América Match between Venezuela and Paraguay. continue reading »

Goats, Never Fear! El Chupacabra has Been Shot in Texas. Well, Sort of. Maybe. Who Knows?!

The notorious Chupacabra is dead! At least, that's what one Texas teen believes after landing three shots in an animal h saw not far form his La Salle home. continue reading »

American Interpreter Kidnapped in Mexico by Alleged Exotic Dancer Girlfriend & Accomplices is Killed

Mexican and American authorities are confirming the kidnapping and killing of 57-year-old American Jorge Luis Dieppa in Juarez, Mexico. Dieppa who was born in Puerto Rico and lived in El Paso, Texas went into Ciudad Juarez on July 5th to get his car fixed. continue reading »

WATCH NYC Subway Brawl Results in Baby Rolling Out the Door & Hair Weaves Tossed (VIDEO)

You know its hot when the fights gets really nasty on a New York subway over who took whose seat. Watch this crazy brawl between two women that turns nasty when one of their hair waives is pulled and the other's baby stroller rolls out the subway door. You think she would of stopped to make sure her baby was ok - but no way she still had some fightin' to do. continue reading »

The Murder of A Dozen Honduran Journalists Drawing International Criticism

The head of the United Nations agency that works to defend press freedom spoke out about the recent slayings of another two journalists in Honduras, where at least a dozen reporters have been killed in the past 18 months. continue reading »

Brazil Urged to Have Olympics & World Cup Leave “Positive Social Legacy”

The upcoming World Cup soccer tournament and Summer Olympics in Brazil should be harnessed to deliver a “positive social legacy” for the South American country and beyond, the United Nations envoy for sports and peace has said. continue reading »