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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

HUD to Focus on Discrimination Against Immigrants and Other Foreign Born

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced that it will launch an effort to better address national origin based housing discrimination during Fair Housing Month in April. continue reading »

Spanish Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to Remake ‘The Crow’

The 1996 Best Short Oscar Winner director from Spain, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, has said he'll stay true to 'The Crow's' franchise's comic-book origins. continue reading »

Discovery en Español Debuts Human Planet with Gael Garcia Bernal Narrating

First came an unforgettable journey across the world's greatest habitats. Then viewers were brought nose-to-nose with Earth's wildest creatures. Now, the makers of PLANET EARTH and LIFE reverse the spotlight to focus on a species closer to home: humans. continue reading »

Poll Results Indicate Uncertainty and Decline in Approval Towards the Democratic Vote

Obama still favored, but majority of Latino registered voters undecided about 2012 Election. continue reading »

National Latino Republican Group Urges Arizona Governor to Drop SB 1070 Litigation

National Latino Republican Group Urges Arizona Governor to Drop SB 1070 Litigation continue reading »

San Diego Maritime Foils Several Smuggling Attempts Over 5-Day Period

he San Diego Maritime Unified Command (MUC) is comprised of the U.S. Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Air & Marine, CBP Office of Field Operations, CBP U.S. Border Patrol, ICE, as well as state and local law enforcement partners operating in the San Diego and Orange County maritime domain. The following is a summary of MUC activities over the past several days. continue reading »

Colombian Couple Arrested in Las Vegas After Performing Fatal Botched Plastic Surgery

A Colombian man and his wife have been arrested and face murder charges, after a woman died as a result of an illegal surgery performed at the couple’s Las Vegas pseudo-clinic. continue reading »

Tallest Lego Tower in the World Built in Brazil

Standing at 102.32 feet, the tower erected in a Sao Paulo, Brazil mall breaks the previous record set in Santiago de Chile by just under 10 inches! continue reading »

LISTEN to Puerto Rican Artist Luis Fonsi’s New Single “Gritar”

Listen to the new single "Gritar" from Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi. continue reading »

¿WTF? Benicio Del Toro to Have Baby…With Kimberly Stewart?

Maybe he was really drunk. Maybe his signature squint made him think she was someone else. Or maybe her droning on and on about fren-emy Paris Hilton lulled him into a stupefied state. continue reading »

Meet Don Justo: The Spaniard Who Built A Cathedral Out of Recycled Bits

For the last fifty years, and almost single handedly, Don Justo has built a cathedral, using materials he finds or are donated to him. continue reading »

EXTREME TRAFFICKING: Man Arrested in Argentina Carried 670 Reptiles in Luggage

At a bus stop in Ceres, Santa Fé, Argentina, police intercepted a man who had been traveling with hundreds of reptiles in his luggage, as well as card-board boxes he had ‘checked in.’ continue reading »

Shots Fired Onto the Home of Leo Messi’s Family

Police said that at least 6 9mm shots were fired onto the home of Matías Messi, this past Saturday in Rosario, Argentina. continue reading »

NHMC Opposes Appeal of Net Neutrality Rules

Today, the House of Representatives will vote on a resolution designed to repeal the network neutrality rules that the Federal Communications Commission announced in December. continue reading »

Pennsylvania Judge Stops Deportation of British Immigrant

In a stunning decision, Judge Andrew Arthur ended deportation proceedings against Paula Spiers, a 43 year-old British citizen who immigrated to the United States over 40 years ago. Spiers, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania resident, continue reading »