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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Annual Fireball Fight in El Salvador ( VIDEO)

Salvadorans throw fiery, gasoline-soaked rags at one another in the streets in El Salvador as part of an annual festival in honor of a volcanic eruption in 1922. Residents in the town of Nejapa, located some 18 miles north of San Salvador, gather every August 31 to hurl fireballs at one another in honor of a huge volcanic eruption in 1922 that forced all of the residents to abandon the town. continue reading »

UmeNow: Facebook’s Worst Nightmare Is Unleashed by Latina Entrepreneur (VIDEO)

UmeNow.com is positioning itself as the bold new player set to destroy Facebook's lead in the social networking universe. It's the first and only ad-free social communication service in the world that is totally focused on privacy. continue reading »

Madrid Amongst Six Cities to Compete for the 2020 Olympic Games

he International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Friday announced the six countries which will compete to host the 2020 Summer Olympics. Among the six are Spain and Japan who lost their bid to host the 2016 Games. The announcement was made after a deadline expired. National Olympic Committees were required to notify the IOC by September 1st that a city within their jurisdiction was interested in applying to host the Games. continue reading »

Katt Williams Apologizes For Anti-Mexican Statements (VIDEO)

Comedian Katt Williams has released an apology for remarks he made to an audience member of Mexican descent last weekend. "My remarks were not meant to be offensive. I want to apologize if my comedy act was taken out of context. I sincerely appreciate my fans within the Mexican community and would never intentionally go out of my way to offend them,” he said. continue reading »

UNWIND this weekend with a Latin American Natural Wonder

UNWIND this weekend with a Latin American natural wonder. Guess What and Where this is? continue reading »

Increasing Access to Naturalization- A List of Resources

According to a 2010 study, it is estimated that 8.16 million lawful permanent residents across the country are eligible to naturalize as U.S. citizens, and many more become eligible each year. As immigrants' rights organizations continue to promote the economic and social benefits of U.S. citizenship continue reading »

20 Year Sentence for Monster Who Trained Dog To Rape in Colombia (VIDEO)

Jorge Alberto Walteros Aldana from Chiquinquirá, Colombia will be 75 years old when he gets out of prison… if he does. continue reading »

WATCH “Pop Up Video” Parody of Enrique Iglesias’ “Escape” (VIDEO)

Remember VH1’s “Pop Up video? Watch this Funny or Die, take on the classic VH1 show, featuring hilarious “Info Nuggets” of comedy actor (and Reserve Corps Lieutenant Colonel) Rob Riggle and Lauryn Kahn chatting about Enrique Iglesias’ 2002 hit “Escape” continue reading »

Mexican Food Giant “Chipotle” Wants You to Know They are Green and Humane (VIDEO)

Take a look at this gorgeous stop-motion animation video that shows how Chipotle abstains from inhumane food farming practices, and strives to go 100% green. continue reading »

Colombian Magician Arrested After Hypnotizing 41 Kids (VIDEO)

Magician Miller Zambrano Posada was taken into custody after 41 students went into hypnotic trance after his show in Mocoa, Colombia. continue reading »

Dogs Left Homeless in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Irene Now Up For Adoption in South Florida

When natural disasters like Hurricane Irene occur, the people in the affected areas are often the first priority, and pets are often left behind, not allowed in shelters, or for strays, never had homes at all continue reading »

Watch Shakira’s Mexican Burro Race! (VIDEO)

Check out this hilarious video of the Colombian singer enjoying her last few days in México, on her “Sale El Sol” World Tour. continue reading »

Mexican Female Journalists Found Murdered, Bodies Dumped in a Mexico City Park

The bodies of Marcela Yarce, a reporter for “Contralínea” and Rocío González, who worked for Televisa, were found abandoned in a garden. continue reading »

Perú Releases New Currency, See It Here (VIDEO)

The new Peruvian bills have been embedded with state of the art anti-counterfeit features, in an attempt to cut down on forgery announced the Central Reserve Bank of Peru. continue reading »

Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hits North Argentina

No victims or major damages have been reported, though several buildings were evacuated in Buenos Aires—hundreds of miles away from the epicenter. continue reading »