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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Finally! Decision Reached on Final Resting Place of Carlos Andrés Pérez

Former Venezuelan President Carlos Andrés Pérez will be buried in Venezuela after 8 months of intense quarreling between his mistress in Miami and his wife in Venezuela. continue reading »

Another Drug Tunnel Between Mexico & U.S. Found in Arizona

U.S. Immigration agents and Border Patrol have located another drug tunnel running between the U.S. and Mexico this week. The tunnel small by comparison to the tunnel found several days ago that was 980-feet long. continue reading »

Peruvian Deysi Cori Wins World Chess Youth Tournament

Deysi shone in the chess tournament held in Chennai, India, winning 13 matches, tying 4, and finishing undefeated! continue reading »

Spanish Telenovela, Terminales, to Be Adapted by ABC Family Network (VIDEO)

The popular Spanish telenovela, Terminales will be adapted by the ABC Family network for English speaking audiences. continue reading »

Enrique Iglesias Takes Dance Chart Record From Michael Jackson AGAIN!

For the second time this year, Enrique Iglesias snatches the title for most dance hits at #1 from the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. continue reading »

Thousands in Bogotá Break Two Fitness Guinness World Records (VIDEO)

Thousands of people in Colombia’s capital shattered records previously owned by Budapest in Kickboxing, and Manila in Aerobics! continue reading »

ACLU Sues Over Shackling of Non-Violent Immigration Detainees

The American Civil Liberties Union, the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area (Lawyers' Committee), and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR) filed a class action suit on behalf of adult immigration detainees, all of whom appear in immigration court shackled at the wrists, waist, and ankles, regardless of their history or capacity for disruption. continue reading »

Casey Anthony Attorney, Jose Baez, Under Investigation by Florida Bar

It appears Jose Baez is in trouble with the Florida Bar Association for his handling of the Casey Anthony bad-check case. continue reading »

Hispanic Media Coalition Opposes AT&T - T-Mobile Merger As Bad for Latinos

The National Hispanic Media Coalition, NHMC, has filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice to stop the AT&T takeover, which has been scheduled to October. continue reading »

Mexican Government To Release State Protected Mayan Secrets

There are more than 3 million websites on the internet dedicated to the upcoming end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 and therefore they will welcome the announcement just made… continue reading »

The White House Responds: In the Debate Over Immigration and Deportations, the Facts Matter

As too often happens in the debate over immigration, anger and heated rhetoric from all sides dominate while the facts tend to get lost along the way. So it’s important to set the record straight. Fixing the broken immigration system so that it meets America’s economic and security needs has been and continues to be a priority for President Obama. continue reading »

World’s Largest Rodent Seen Outside Its Native South America, Roaming in California

Known as the world’s largest rodent, a capybara, or Carpincho as it is known in Spanish, has been sighted in California, quite a long way from its usual South American home. continue reading »

World Anti-Doping Agency To Challenge “Contaminated Meat” Angle in Mexico Team Doping Case

5 Mexican fútbol players who tested positive for Clenbuterol, said the drug was on the meat they ate. WADA doesn’t believe them. continue reading »

Attempted Kidnapping of 6-Yr Old in NM Thwarted by Hero Antonio Diaz Chacon

UPDATE: The good samaritan that probably saved the life of a 6-year old little girl that was snatched from a playground has been identified as Antonio Diaz Chacon. continue reading »

Bull Killed by Other Bull in Spain “Encierro” (VIDEO)

The fatal victim of the Spanish bull run this time was the bull, who got head butted into the great beyond by a member of his own species. continue reading »