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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

UN Human Rights Chief Voices Concern About High Level of Violence in Mexico

The United Nations human rights chief has voiced concern over escalating violence in some parts Mexico, saying organized crime and brutality could undermine the State and threaten the people''s basic rights. continue reading »

Honduras’ Truth Commission Expected to Help Strengthen Rule of Law in Country

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today took note of the publication of the report of the truth and reconciliation commission in Honduras, saying he hopes the document will contribute to strengthening democracy, human rights and the rule of law in the Central American country. continue reading »

World Population Day - Population Expected to Exceed 7 Billion This Year

In October the world's population is expected to exceed 7 billion. While many people are living longer and healthier lives, this simple fact underscores the critical importance of addressing poverty, inequality, l continue reading »

WATCH This Pair’s Sweet Reggaetón Moves! (VIDEO)

These two tiny Argentines are younger than reggaetón itself but just look at them groove! continue reading »

ANOTHER Narco-Pigeon Found! (VIDEO)

This time, the messenger bird was found unable to take flight, anchored by a cell-phone, and some crack…! continue reading »

HS News Contributor: Dr. Ferrer on Dating, Baseball and Getting to ‘First Base’

Men look at their sexual conquests as a baseball game. You start at first base, throw a feeler to second, and then slide into third on your way to a home run continue reading »

Pull The FUÁ From Within and Project Yourself Into The Universe With The FUÁ Game (GAME)

Remember this happy Mexican drunkie who formulated the FUÁ last week? Now you can be him, and annihilate zombies with pure FUÁ! continue reading »

Take a Look at Brazil’s Own Magnet Boy! (VIDEO)

Paulo David Amorim is a 11-year old Brazilian boy with a magnetic personality and a knack for attracting cutlery. continue reading »

Coheed And Cambria’s Bassist ARRESTED for Armed Robbery

The bass player for the band led by Claudio Sánchez robbed a Walgreens drug store right before a concert in Massachusetts. continue reading »

Mexico Wins Under-17 World Soccer Cup! (VIDEO)

The junior world cup hosts beat Uruguay 2-0, at the same stadium where the National Team won the Gold Cup last week! continue reading »

National Hispanic GOP Group Calls on Herman Cain to Leave Presidential Race

Somos Republicans is a national watchdog group and the largest Hispanic Republican grassroots organization that is pro-immigration reform. This organization’s Republican members are calling on Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain to withdraw from the presidential race. The call for withdrawal are a result of his approach to immigration and off-the-cuff comments on a border fence that consist of a “moat and alligators”. continue reading »

JOIN IN NOW:  White House Hispanic Policy Conference LIVE - July 11 and July 12th

On Monday July 11th and Tuesday July 12th, the White House will host a Hispanic Policy Conference, bringing community leaders from across the country together with a broad range of White House and Cabinet officials for an in-depth series of interactive workshops and substantive conversations on the Administration’s efforts as they relate to the Hispanic community. continue reading »

Rep. Gutierrez, ACLU, PRLDEF, NILP raise concerns about Puerto Rico (VIDEO)

Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (IL-4) returns to the House Floor to call attention to an open letter to Congress in Roll Call about violations of civil and human rights by police and law enforcement in Puerto Rico. The open letter was written by the ACLU, Latino Justice/PRLDEF, and the National Institute for Latino Policy. continue reading »

Mexican Man Convicted of Using US Citizen ID & Passport to Smuggle Meth

A Mexican man was convicted on Wednesday of smuggling methamphetamine, and misusing a U.S. citizen passport during his smuggling attempt. The conviction was announced by U.S. Attorney José Angel Moreno, Southern District of Texas. continue reading »

L.A. ‘Carmageddon’ 405 Freeway Closing Features Erik Estrada (VIDEO)

Worry not my CHiPs - Ponch Poncherello loving fans: Erik Estrada is alive and well. He is even somewhat reprising his beloved character from the TV show that made him a household name (ok maybe not a household name) some 25 years ago. continue reading »