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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

LATINO BLOTTER: Arizona Man Shoots His Manhood Off With Pink Gun

Police in Az. Are urging people to use holsters, and avoid using their waist bands, like the very unfortunate Joshua Seto. continue reading »

Kenny Ortega to Direct “Dirty Dancing” Remake

Can anyone forget the 1987 epic dance film that made Patrick Swayze an immortal dance icon? So therefore it's very exciting news, as Ortega choreographed and invented the grinding style of “Dirty Dancing” which made the original a cult film. continue reading »

$9.95/Month Internet Access Offered by Comcast to Low-Income Families

Comcast has announced a new $9.95/month internet package for low-income families. This initiative is not as altruistic as it might look but rather part of the company’s continued efforts to meet the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) mandates on their merger with NBC. continue reading »

WATCH New Video for Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” (VIDEO)

After performing it live at "The Voice" back in June, and on the "Today Show" Friday, Aguilera and Maroon 5 have released the official video! continue reading »

UPDATE:  61- Yr Old Swimmer Abandons Efforts to Swim From Cuba-to-Florida after 29 Hours (Video)

UPDATE: 29 hours in her incredible journey swimmer Diana Nyad abandoned her effort at 12:45 am this morning to swim the 103-mile trek from Cuba-to-Florida. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Where Does our National Debt Come From?

One of the fundamental things to understand when considering the debate about reducing our national debt is how we accumulated so much in the first place. To explain the impact various policies have had over the past decade, shifting us from projected surpluses to actual deficits and, as a result, running up the national debt, the White House has developed a graphic for you to review and share: continue reading »

Colombian FARC Embedding Their Terrorist Bombs in Fabled ‘Panela’ Brown Sugar Loafs

The guerrilla group detonated a bomb hidden inside a “Panela” block, murdering NGO leader Maria Elizabeth Quiróz. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Iowa Man Arrested For Having Sex With Cat, Animal Dies

Wednesday, a Hispanic man was arrested after he admitted he had sex with a cat and then threw it from his apartment’s balcony. Witnesses told Council Bluffs police they saw a man with his pants d continue reading »

Déjà vu: Mexican Military Invades U.S. AGAIN This Time with Helicopter (VIDEO)

On the heels of 33 Mexican soldiers and 4 humvees ‘inadvertently’ crossing in the U.S. another ‘invasion’ incident has occurred over the weekend. This time a Mexican military helicopter landed at the Laredo, Texas international airport instead of the Nuevo Laredo, Mexico – a sixteen-mile mistake. continue reading »

Anonymous Planning to “Destroy” Facebook on November 5th (VIDEO)

The hacker group published a YouTube video announcing their plan, and urging others to take down Facebook on November 5th. continue reading »

Leader of “Pig Head” Extortion Gang Arrested in México

Federal Police in the municipality of San Vicente Chichester, State of Mexico arrested Eduardo Zúñiga Sánchez, alias El Bla Bla, the alleged leader of a gang called “The Pig Head”. continue reading »

Is Real Madrid’s Newest Superstar a 7-yr Old Argentinean Named Leo Coira?

Soccer champions Real Madrid wants to continue being the most successful club in Spanish football history so they have signed a player that has never played for anyone else before. Confused? Well who can make sense of the team signing 7-year old Argentinean Leo Angel Coira, known as Leo. continue reading »

U.S. Open of Surfing Scene of Mexican Drug Smuggling Drop

The U.S. Open of Surging that concluded this Sunday did not only make news for crowning 10-time ASP Champion Kelly Slater but for being the scene of a Mexican drug smuggling drop. continue reading »

CREE—EEPY!!!! Guillermo del Toro’s “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” Trailer (VIDEO)

Take a look at the unsettling trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's remake of "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark" continue reading »

Chavez Returns to Cuba for Another Round of Chemotherapy

Earlier today, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned to Cuba to resume his chemotherapy treatment for cancer discovered in June. Chavez noted: "There will be several rounds in order to win this battle and eliminate all risk of malignant cells," he said. continue reading »