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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

WATCH “Pop Up Video” Parody of Enrique Iglesias’ “Escape” (VIDEO)

Remember VH1’s “Pop Up video? Watch this Funny or Die, take on the classic VH1 show, featuring hilarious “Info Nuggets” of comedy actor (and Reserve Corps Lieutenant Colonel) Rob Riggle and Lauryn Kahn chatting about Enrique Iglesias’ 2002 hit “Escape” continue reading »

Mexican Food Giant “Chipotle” Wants You to Know They are Green and Humane (VIDEO)

Take a look at this gorgeous stop-motion animation video that shows how Chipotle abstains from inhumane food farming practices, and strives to go 100% green. continue reading »

Colombian Magician Arrested After Hypnotizing 41 Kids (VIDEO)

Magician Miller Zambrano Posada was taken into custody after 41 students went into hypnotic trance after his show in Mocoa, Colombia. continue reading »

Dogs Left Homeless in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Irene Now Up For Adoption in South Florida

When natural disasters like Hurricane Irene occur, the people in the affected areas are often the first priority, and pets are often left behind, not allowed in shelters, or for strays, never had homes at all continue reading »

Watch Shakira’s Mexican Burro Race! (VIDEO)

Check out this hilarious video of the Colombian singer enjoying her last few days in México, on her “Sale El Sol” World Tour. continue reading »

Mexican Female Journalists Found Murdered, Bodies Dumped in a Mexico City Park

The bodies of Marcela Yarce, a reporter for “Contralínea” and Rocío González, who worked for Televisa, were found abandoned in a garden. continue reading »

Perú Releases New Currency, See It Here (VIDEO)

The new Peruvian bills have been embedded with state of the art anti-counterfeit features, in an attempt to cut down on forgery announced the Central Reserve Bank of Peru. continue reading »

Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hits North Argentina

No victims or major damages have been reported, though several buildings were evacuated in Buenos Aires—hundreds of miles away from the epicenter. continue reading »

Adventurous Individuals Needed for World’s Largest Raft Race on the Amazon

This is not for the faint of heart and the skittish and you have to love snakes, bugs and rare rodents. The Great River Amazon Raft race, in its thirteenth year, is looking for individuals willing to travel along the Amazon river for three days covering about 112 miles in a skimpy log raft. continue reading »

Panama to Improve Health Services in Indigenous and Rural Areas

Panama will revamp its primary health care system and improve maternal, neonatal and chronic disease care with a loan of up to $50 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

Department of Justice Agrees with NHMC, Takes Action to Block AT&T’s Takeover of T-Mobile

In a press conference this morning, Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole said, "The Department filed its lawsuit because we believe the combination of AT&T and T-Mobile would result in tens of millions of consumers all across the United States facing higher prices, fewer choices and lower quality products for their mobile wireless services." continue reading »

History of Executive Branch Authority in Immigration

Today, the Immigration Policy Center releases Using All the Tools in the Toolbox: How Past Administrations Have Used Executive Branch Authority in Immigration by Mary Giovagnoli, Esq. continue reading »

U.S. Diplomat Travels to Peru & Chile to Enhance Existing Relationships

Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns will travel to Peru and Chile September 1-4, 2011. The purpose of his trip is to deepen relations with these key regional partners and to represent the United States at the tenth anniversary celebrations continue reading »

President and First Lady to Attend Congressional Hispanic Caucus Gala

CHCI Chair Rep. Charles A. Gonzalez announced today that President Barack Obama, joined by First Lady Michelle Obama, will address the largest Latino gala in the country at CHCI's 34th Annual Awards Gala on Wednesday, September 14, 2011, continue reading »

Winning Latino Dishes at Texas State Fair from Deep Fried Salsa to Banana Burritos

“El Bananarito” and the “Walking Taco” are among the finalists that include fried bubblegum and deep fried salsa! Nomnomnom! continue reading »