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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Hurricane Jova Hits Mexico’s Pacific Coast (VIDEO)

Though it is weakened to a category 1 hurricane, Jova is expected to cause some more damage as it goes north of Jalisco Mexico today continue reading »

On Spain’s National Day U.S. Sends Its Congratulations

Take a look at the congratulatory note that the Secretary of State sent to Spain on the occasion of their Fiesta Nacional. continue reading »

Tensions Between Blacks and Latino Immigrants

For the past several years, an ongoing debate has been raging between my friends and I over racism and discrimination in America. At the crux of the discussion lies one specific question: which is worst, racism toward Blacks or racism toward Latino immigrants? continue reading »

Geraldo Rivera Fights to Report at Occupy Wall Street as Protestors Chant “Fox News Lies!” (VIDEO)

Monday, In trying to report in the middle of the Occupy Wall Street movement once again, Geraldo Rivera saw himself “chased out” of the crowd, as most of the protesters were not willing to speak to anyone from a news network they say has lied and attempted to paint them all as a bunch of un-American hooligans. continue reading »

World’s Largest Megavirus Found in Chilean Coasts

The “Megavirus chilensis,” is between 10 and 20 times bigger than the largest Megavirus ever documented, was found in Chile’s Pacific Ocean. continue reading »

Supreme Court to Hear Case of Man on the Verge of Deportation

In the years following Joel Judulang’s parents’ arrival in the U.S., they became naturalized citizens. However, they failed to filed the proper paperwork to qualify their then 8-year-old son for citizenship. continue reading »

Chávez Endorses #OccupyWallStreet On the Eve of New Cuba Medical Trip

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will travel to Cuba next week to undergo medical tests to assess the success of his cancer treatment . In an unexpected phone call interrupting a Venezuelan government ceremony for local athletes broadcast live on state TV continue reading »

América Ferrara Joins the London Cast of “Chicago”

Emmy winning actress América Ferrara will star as Roxie Hart from November 7 in The West End production of Chicago in London. América Ferrera will step on to the stage at the Garrick Theatre, for an eight-week run. continue reading »

WATCH Eva Méndes in The TV Ad for “Angel” Perfume (VIDEO)

Hollywood actress Eva Mendes stars in the new TV spot for "Angel" perfume, and she also does the singing-- a cover of "The Windmills of Your Mind." continue reading »

What to Do When You’re Diagnosed with Breast Cancer -New Spanish-Language Website

Breastcancer.org is the number one online resource for breast health and breast cancer information and support, with over 1,000 pages of expert-reviewed medical information on breast cancer – spanning all aspects of the illness, from symptoms and diagnosis through treatment and side effects. continue reading »

Where Does Latin América Stand in Terms of Income Inequality?

Take a look at which Latin American nations have the largest gap between the richest rich, and the poorest poor. continue reading »

WATCH Martin Sheen and Emilio Estévez Together in “The Way” (VIDEO)

Father and son Martin Sheen and Emilio Estévez star in this powerful drama, about the difference between the life we live and the life we choose. continue reading »

Chilean Miners: One Year Later, We Still Remember (VIDEO)

The first anniversary of the accident in a Copiapó mine that trapped 33 Chilean miners underground for 69 days, coincided with the release of the documentary "17 days Buried Alive," about those days before the miners had contact with the surface. continue reading »

Gov. Jerry Brown Says No to Affirmative Action-Like Bill for California Colleges and Universities

California Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed Senate Bill 185, which would have allowed public universities in his state to consider race, gender, and ethnicity during the admissions process. Though Gov. Brown vetoed the affirmative action-type bill, he said he did not di continue reading »

Aztec Temple Platform Found in Mexico City (VIDEO)

The discovery of an Aztec ceremonial platform during remodeling work around Downtown México city’s Templo Mayor ruins, could lead experts to the unearthing of a royal tomb in the Templo Mayor area continue reading »