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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Mexican Beauty Creams Have Mercury Poisoned Over 40 Texans

Public health officials in El Paso, Texas are warning female residents about a Mexican beauty product called ‘Crema Antiead y Desmanchadora’ translated to Antiaging and Lightening Cream. continue reading »

Kat Von D’s Engagement to Bad Boy Jesse James Appears to be Off…Again

Once again, tattooed Latina, Kat Von D has broken things off with Jesse James. On Friday, LA Ink star, Kat Von D, 29, posted on her Facebook page that she and Jesse James, 42, are no longer together. continue reading »

Novela Star Sues Stalker that Demanded his ‘Live Organ’ Picture

Novela star Victor Alfieri is suing Adriana Trevino, a producer who allegedly stole footage from Alfieri’s movie because the actor refused to have sex with her. continue reading »

Barcelona and the Rest of Catalonia Say Farewell to Bullfighting (VIDEO)

Spain’s top matadors congregated in Catalonia for a last weekend of bullfighting at “La Monumental” arena in Barcelona. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Sends Last Minute Notification to UN, He will Not Address the General Assembly

The last minute notification by Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez that he will not be addressing the UN General Assembly is adding speculation about the state of his health. continue reading »

UC Berkeley College Republicans Hold Racist Bake Sale to Oppose Affirmative Action-Like Bill

A bake sale at UC Berkeley has many shaking their heads at a group that claims their racist sale is in protest to an Affirmative Action-like bill currently on the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown. continue reading »

Only 10% of American Colleges Educate 54% of Hispanic Undergraduates

Over half of all Hispanic undergraduates, drawn from 16% of Americans, are enrolled in only 10% of its colleges. continue reading »

WATCH: Brazilian Pole “Dance Off” Between World Champ and Event Organizer (VIDEO)

Oona Kivela, the winner of the First Pole Dance World Cup, and Grazzy Brugner, the organizer of the Second Miss Pole Dancing Brazil went on a friendly (….and steamy!) dance battle. continue reading »

Music Celebrities Converge in Brazil for “Rock in Rio” (VIDEO)

The first weekend of Rock in Rio, saw over 700,000 fans rock out to headliners Rihanna, Katy Perry, Elton John and Red Hot Chili Peppers. continue reading »

Argentina to Tackle 500,000 Annual Abortions that Take Place, Leading Cause of Maternal Deaths

The issue on abortion will be on the agenda of the Commission of the Criminal Law of Deputies that will talk about this topic for the first time tomorrow, September 27. continue reading »

STUDY:  Mexican-American Students Benefit from Speaking Spanish in School Environment

A new University of Missouri study shows that Mexican-American students who identify and practice speaking their native language have higher grades than those who are put in English-only environments in their schools. continue reading »

Sirius Radio Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Gloria Estefan and Others

Sirius XM Radio announced today it will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with performances, interviews and specials with many of today's hottest Latin artists hosted by the "Queen of Latin Pop," Gloria Estefan, now through Saturday, October 15 on SiriusXM's Caliente, channel 150. continue reading »

WNBA Legends’ Olympia Scott & Sue Wicks Travel to Dominican Republic as Sports Diplomats

Using sports as a means to empower young people worldwide, the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) announced today that WNBA legends Olympia Scott and Sue Wicks will travel to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic as sports envoys. continue reading »

Victor Cruz NFL’s Newest Darling at Least for This Week

How did the San San Francisco Giant’s most unlikely game hero, Victor Cruz, become this week’s NFL darling? The 29-16 Sunday win for the Giants v Eagles made everyone notice this Puerto Rican wide receiver that was an undrafted free agent not that long ago and just signed in the off season. continue reading »

Latin American Economies Doing Well Inspite of Global Economic Problems Say Economic Ministers

Latin America and the Caribbean continue to weather relatively well the problems currently afflicting the global economy, Inter-American Development Bank President Luis Alberto Moreno said today at a meeting of central bankers and finance ministers. continue reading »