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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Number of Ethnic TV Household Grows, Lead by Asian Households Followed by Hispanic Families

The number of Hispanic/Latino households in the U.S. for the 2011-2012 TV season will grow by 4.6 percent (over 600,000) compared to last year according to Nielsen. continue reading »

Gentlemen, Stacey Dash is Single! - Judge Grants ‘Clueless’ Actress Divorce From Emmanuel Xuereb

After filing for divorce last year, actress Stacey Dash was finally granted a divorce from Emmanuel Xuereb, to whom she was married for more than two years. Dash, whose family is of Mexican (Aztec Indian) and African decent, continue reading »

Mitt Romney Video Bashes Perry on Immigration and Features Praise from Former Mexican President

A new Mitt Romney campaign video once again paints Governor Rick Perry as soft on immigration and shows former Mexican President Vicente Fox praising Perry for in-state tuition for 'Mexican migrants.' continue reading »

First Solar Powered Car Rally in Latina America Starts in Chile (VIDEO)

Today is the first day of the “Atacama Solar Challenge” a three day rally where participants will cross the Atacama desert on board of solar powered vehicles! continue reading »

Justin Bieber in a Quest to Find Mexican Crying Fan (VIDEO)

Justin is trying to locate a young fan who broke into tears when she found out his Monterrey, Mexico show was sold out. continue reading »

Two Arkansas Men Sentenced for Hate Crimes Against Five Hispanic Men

Frankie Maybee, 20, and Sean Popejoy, 19, both of Green Forest, Ark., were sentenced for their roles in committing federal hate crimes, announced the Justice Department. These are the first defendants to be sentenced under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which was enacted in October 2009. continue reading »

Manchester United Named Top Fútbol Brand, Above Barça and Real Madrid

The red English team Manchester United has bumped Real Madrid as the fútbol brand with the most value, according to Brand Finance PLC. continue reading »

LISTEN to Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer López Singing Mouth2 Mouth (AUDIO)

Listen to Jlo collaborate in Enrique Iglesias' “Mouth2Mouth,” which will be featured in the repackaged edition of Iglesias’ album Euphoria, out in November. continue reading »

Eva Longoria, Highest Paid Actress on Television, Second Only to Tina Fey

According to Forbes Magazine Highest Paid TV Actresses list, Eva Longoria is the best paid actress in TV, second only to Tina Fey. continue reading »

Brazilian Cattle Ranchers Blamed for Another Amazon Indian Killing

A Guarani man in his 20s has died of his wounds following a violent attack, allegedly by gunmen employed by Brazilian cattle ranchers. continue reading »

If You Oppose the DREAM Act, You’re No Moderate on Immigration

Perry and Rubio Say they Support In-State Tuition But Oppose the DREAM Act. Position Defies Logic, Alienates Latinos While immigration has emerged as a flashpoint in the Republican presidential primary, the fact remains: not one of the leading candidates supports the DREAM Act. continue reading »

Panama Asks UN to List Certain Woods As Endangered

The Governments of Madagascar and Panama have requested the Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) to list 91 hardwood species in an effort to curb the increase in illegal timber trade by enabling verification of legal origin under CITES standards. continue reading »

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Visit Dominican Republic

Clinton will travel to the Dominican Republic October 5 for the fourth Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas ministerial. The government of the Dominican Republic will host the event, involving high-level government officials, continue reading »

Ever wondered How To Make It in America? Ask Luis Guzmán!

The second season of Guzmán's How to Make It in America will premiere on HBO Oct. 2. Check out this promotional video, full of surprises! continue reading »

2,500 People Join in for the First MP3 Experimental Flashmob in Mexico

2,500 people downloaded and simultaneously played the same MP3 of instructions provided by ImprovEverywhere. Watch what happened next. continue reading »