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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

$15.3 Million of Cartel Money Seized by Mexican Army

Army troops seized $15.3 million in cash in Tijuana, a border city in northwestern Mexico, that apparently belonged to the Sinaloa cartel, marking the second-largest seizure of money since President Felipe Calderon took office in 2006 continue reading »

‘Sesame Street’ Composer Fernando Rivas, Charged with Child Pornography

59-year-old Rivas, who won two Emmys for his work on Sesame Street has been charged with three counts of child pornography in Charleston, SC. continue reading »

Thieves Break Into Maradona’s Daughter’s Car During “Doña Tota’s” Burial

Diego Maradona’s oldest daughter, Dalma, returned from her grandmother’s funeral to find her vehicle had been broken into, and valuables swiped away. continue reading »

Texas Latinos Getting Three Additional Voting Districts

The new redistricting plan federal judges announced last week for the Texas state House of Representatives creates three additional districts where Latinos continue reading »

Bella’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ Wedding Dress to Be Sold in CHNY Stores

The wedding dress worn by Kristen Stewart‘ in Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 will be sold at designer Carolina Herrera‘s CHNY stores. continue reading »

Drunk Latina Crashes Car, Blames it on Boyfriend Not Taking Her to See New Twilight Movie

No one likes when their weekend plans fall through, but for one Chicago Latina, it was especially hard to handle. Olivia Christina Ornelas was arrested Saturday and charg continue reading »

Chilean Children’s TV Show Wins Emmy Award (VIDEO)

The Chilean television program "Con que sueñas," broadcast by the TVN network, won an Emmy Award for best children's program. "We feel very honored to have gotten here," Paula Gomez, the director of the documentary series focusing on Chilean children, said, adding that "it's been six years since a Chilean program was nominated" for an International Emmy Award. continue reading »

Bolivian Narcos Dig Up Dead Narco Mule to Extract Cocaine Cargo

A 55 year old man who had died in May got dug up recently, his insides dissected and spilled on the ground as narcos exhumed his body to retrieve the cocaine cargo in his belly. continue reading »

Grammy Hall Of Fame Inductees Announced. 3 Latinos Make the List

Albums by Brazilian Sergio Mendes, Mexican band “Los Panchos” and Carlos Santana, will be inducted to the Hall Of Fame along with works by Paul Simon, and The Stones. continue reading »

Murder Suspect, Richard Mendoza Jr., Out of Jail After DA Mistake

A mistake by the Texas district attorney's office has resulted in the release (on bond) of a man suspected of committing a 2002 murder. On November 7, 2002, Christophe continue reading »

In the Past Week 16 Wanted Fugitives Arrested at Texas-Mexico Border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers working at South Texas ports of entry between Pharr and Roma arrested 16 persons wanted on outstanding federal, state and local warrants during the past week. continue reading »

‘Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky Spilts From Fiance Roberto Martinez

Going the way of many couples formed on ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez have reportedly ended their relationship. continue reading »

Reyes Sisters Photoshopped Bikini Pics at Center of Union Fight with Hyatt (VIDEO)

A California Hyatt Hotel fired the Reyes sisters two weeks after posting their photoshopped faces in a not-so-appreciative Appreciation Week Poster. continue reading »

Mexico’s Virgin of Juquila Arrives to Its New Home in Los Angeles

A replica of the image of the Virgin of Juquila, one of the most venerated in Mexico, is now in the Southern California city of Lynwood. continue reading »

Costa Rican National Guilty of $670 Million Investment Fraud in U.S.

Jorge Luis Castillo, 56, a resident of New Jersey, pleaded guilty for his role in a $670 million fraud scheme involving victims throughout the United States and abroad. continue reading »