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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Thanks to Emerging Economy, Latin America Seeing Increase in International Tourists

UN report: international tourist numbers expected to hit 1.8 Billion by 2030. The number of tourists travelling outside their countries is projected to reach 1.8 billion within two decades, with emerging economies responsible for the highest growth rates, according to a new report released by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). continue reading »

Results of Investigation of L.A. Schools for Civil Rights Violations Announced

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan today announced the successful resolution of the first proactive civil rights enforcement action taken by the Department of Education under the Obama Administration. continue reading »

Venezuelan City Uses Mimes to Educate Drivers

Traffic around Caracas can get out of control, and that’s why Sucre Mayor has decided to replicate a Colombian initiative: Mimes. continue reading »

WATCH Argentina Bieber Fans Go Commando to Catch a Glimpse

Argentine fans of Justin Bieber defied security at Buenos Aires’ exclusive “Faena” hotel, jumping over or crawling under fences, rushing and shrieking while trying to get a glimpse of the Biebs. continue reading »

CHECK OUT Ronaldinho’s Insane Free Kick Goal Against México (VIDEO)

Watch Brazilian player Ronaldinho kick the most amazing goal of the 2014 World Cup qualifying games thus far against México. continue reading »

Former Astronaut, Jose Hernandez, Running for Congress in California (VIDEO)

On October 11t, Jose Hernandez, a retired NASA astronaut, announced that he is looking to become the newly-created 10th District’s congressional representative. continue reading »

On Anniversary of Rescue, Bolivian Miner Gets Arrested

Trapped Bolivian miner Carlos Mamani unfortunately won’t partake of the 1 year anniversary celebrations as he has been arrested for domestic abuse. continue reading »

Puerto Rican “Coquí Llanero” Frog to Receive U.S. Protection as Endangered Species

U.S. environmental officials announced they would like to list the minuscule “Coquí Llanero” frog to the list of endangered species. The “Coquí Llanero” is Puerto Rico’s smallest tree frog. Its calling sound is at such continue reading »

Following Successful Promotion of Enrique Iglesias, Zynga Announces New Games, Prepares to go Public

Last week, Enrique Iglesias teamed up with Zynga, the gaming giant that gave the world FarmVille, CityVille, Mafia Wars, Words with Friends, etc, to promote the singer’s “Euphoria” tour, which kicked off in Boston in late September. continue reading »

CONFIRMED Javier Bardem Will Be The Villain in The Next 007 Film (VIDEO)

The Spanish actor will be the next Bond-villain in the 23rd Bond, titled "Skyfall," directed by Sam Mendes. continue reading »

2011 CA Legislation Aids Immigrant Integration; Further Contrasting CA From Neighboring AZ

With the recent end-of-session bill signings by California Governor Jerry Brown, 2011 has proven a good year for laws that further distinguish from neighboring Arizona and other states that have recently enacted virulently anti-immigrant laws. A continue reading »

Microfinancing Rising in Latin America and the Caribbean, Sparked by Economic Growth

Lending by microfinance institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean grew at its fastest pace in four years as stronger economic growth fueled demand for credit among low-income families and microentrepreneurs in the region. continue reading »

Teachers in Bolivia get Government Sponsored EvoLaptops

The government of president Evo Morales is handing out more than $50 million in laptops to teachers, with each laptop having Evo’s face stenciled on it. continue reading »

Perú Declares Mick Jagger “Environmental Ambassador”

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has been declared Ambassador of Tourism and Environment Defender in Madre De Dios, Perú. continue reading »

Colombian Halloween Thief “Caramelo” Caught (VIDEO)

A Colombian thief labeled “Caramelo” only operated in the month of October, stealing the Halloween candy stock of South Bogotá corner stores. continue reading »