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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

LATINO BLOTTER UPDATE: Drunk JetBlue Passenger Being Sued by Flight Attendant

Late last month Antonio Ynoa was arrested after assaulting a JetBlue flight attendant en route to New York from the Dominican Republic. Thursday, flight attendant Elio Cabral f continue reading »

U.S. Cuban Exile Fotilla Heads to Cuba to Support Dissidents

Around 60 Cuban exiles aboard five boats set out from Key West on Friday with plans to weigh anchor in international waters off the coast of Cuba and launch fireworks in a display of support for dissidents on the Communist-ruled island. continue reading »

Sex-Crazed San Fernando Government- A Telenovela in the Making

A City Council meeting in San Fernando, CA took an uncomfortable turn last month when Mayor Mario Hernandez announced that he was having an affair with his colleague. His confession came at a time when the actions of the city’s government were already being watched like a telenovela. continue reading »

Mexico’s Calderon Tries to Revive Narco-Ghost Town (VIDEO)

President Felipe Calderón traveled to Ciudad Mier to inaugurate a brand new Military base that he hopes will restore peace and order in the currently abandoned town. continue reading »

Extreme Trafficking: Man Arrested With 7lbs of Meth Stuffed in Jalapeño, Nacho Cheese Cans

Federal Police arrested a man trying to re-enter the U.S. with 7lbs. of meth submerged inside cans of nacho cheese and Jalapeños. continue reading »

LULAC Urging Auto Supply Giants to Reconsider Doing Business in Alabama

Today, LULAC announced a call to auto manufacturers and related supply companies to reconsider doing business in a state that has passed and is enforcing anti-immigration laws like HB 56. continue reading »

Mario López Launches Own Underwear Collection (VIDEO)

“It’s smart, sexy and masculine,” said actor Mario López of his new underwear line called ‘RatedM,’ available now at freshpair.com and soon at Bloomingdales. continue reading »

TRAILER: “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” Starring Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz

Check out the new trailer for Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz's new film What to Expect When You're Expecting, based on the preparedness guide often recommended for expectant parents. continue reading »

POLL:  Iowa Caucus Republicans Open to Expanding Immigration Policies

The Partnership for a New American Economy, in collaboration with a group of prominent Iowa Republican leaders, today released a new survey of likely Iowa Republican Caucus attendees specifically on the issue of immigration continue reading »

Professor at Hidalgo Polytechnic University Injured by Parcel Bomb

One professor received minor burns from a parcel-bomb sent to Hidalgo Polytechnic University, authorities told Efe Thursday. The incident occurred arou continue reading »

Immigration Officials Arrest Criminal Aliens for Brutal Murder Committed in Guatemala

Three Guatemalan criminal aliens were arrested yesterday in Lynn, Mass., by U.S. Immigration. The three are wanted by Guatemalan authorities for the rape and murder of a female continue reading »

Mexico’s Tallest Cross Stands at More than 110 Feet

Catholic authorities in the southern state of Chiapas inaugurated Mexico's tallest cross, a 64-meter (210-foot) structure with the profile of Christ within it. continue reading »

Diego Rivera murals Return to New York at the MoMA (VIDEO)

In 1931, the fledgling Museum of Modern Art chose Mexican muralist Diego Rivera for its second major show, inviting him to New York to create “portable” murals on site. Now, some of the works he created in six feverish weeks are again on display at MoMA. continue reading »

Guinness World Record- Largest Nativity Scene in Mexico City

Mexico City authorities have set up the Guinness-certified largest nativity scene in the world as part of their Christmas festivities. The nativity scene, which cost $2 million to create, was unveiled Wednesday by capital Mayor Marcelo Ebrard i continue reading »

Alabama Attorney General Recommends Changes to State’s Harsh Anti-Immigration Law

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange is calling for changes to his state’s controversial and harsh immigration. The changes that he’s pushing for would require adjustments to about one third of the law’s 32 sections continue reading »