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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Watch Anderson Cooper & Joel Aguilar, 16 yo Extreme Couponer (Funny AND Educational Video)

Meet Joel, a 16-year-old coupon addict who once called couponing a hobby but now admits it's an obsession. continue reading »

Smoking Statistics in the Hispanic Population

Smoking causes more preventable deaths (from lung cancer, heart and lung disease, other cancers, and chronic illness) than any other single behavioral factor––an estimated 443,000 deaths each year in the United States. continue reading »

Mexico raises Minimum Wage by 4 percent- Mexico City Goes to $4.58 a Day

Mexico's National Commission on Minimum Wages, or CNSM, has approved an average minimum wage hike of 4.2 percent, or about 2.51 pesos ($0.18) per day, a measure that will go into effect starting Jan. 1. continue reading »

The Santiago Bernabéu: Mythical Venue (VIDEO)

Since the first league meeting in 1929, Real Madrid have played host to Fútbol Club Barcelona on 81 occasions, of which the home team have emerged victorious 50 times, 15 continue reading »

Shakira Debuts New Haircut at Spanish Awards Gala

Shakira was impressive Friday with her glittery sequined dress and new haircut at the Gala of Los 40 Principales Prizes, on the eve of the big soccer match between her boyfriend's Barcelona squad and Real Madrid. continue reading »

Alabama Gov. Willing to Revise Controversial Immigration Law

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said Friday that he and his legislative allies are ready to consider changes to the state's harsh imigration law, but will not alter the essence of the measure. continue reading »

Kids Write Letters to Obama Begging Him Not to Deport Parents

Dozens of U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants are meeting at a Methodist church in Chicago to pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe and write letters they will send to President Barack Obama asking him not to deport their parents. continue reading »

Rebel Landmines Kill Colombian Soldiers

Two Colombian soldiers were killed and four others were injured by landmines planted by leftist FARC guerrillas in the northeastern province of Norte de Santander, the military said Friday. continue reading »

Majority of Latino Voters Say Religion has No Impact on Voting Preferences

The poll revealed that a majority of Latino voters, 53%, stated that religion does not have an impact on their voting preference, while 40% of respondents indicated that it does have an impact. continue reading »

LOOSEN UP this weekend with a Latin American Natural Wonder

LOOSEN UP this weekend with a Latin American Natural Wonder. Guess What and Where this is? continue reading »

22 States Count Mexico as Their No. 1 or No. 2 Export Market- New Report Released

Friday the New Policy Institute’s 21st Century Border Initiative released a major new report researched by The North American Center For Transborder Studies (NACTS) at Arizona State University, “Realizing the Value of our Cross Border Trade with Mexico." continue reading »

Immigrant Advocate Group Warn of Deportation Review Policy Pitfalls

The review of thousands of immigration cases pending in federal courts in Denver and Baltimore would benefit certain people by not forcing them to leave the country continue reading »

U.S. Anti-Drug Aid to Mexico is Part of “Shared Responsibility for the War on Drugs”

U.S. assistance to Mexico's battle against drug cartels "is not a handout" but rather an alliance against organized crime, Washington's envoy here said upon delivering a fourth Blackhawk helicopter as part of the Merida Initiative. continue reading »

Chicago Attorney Accused of Showing Breasts to Co-Workers, Arriving to Work Drunk

Chicago attorney Tamara Tanzillo is accused of showing co-workers photos of her breasts, showing up to work late and drunk, and storing nude photos of herself on state-owned computers. continue reading »

5 Drown, 20 more Rescued While Trying to Flee Cuba

At least five people died when the makeshift boat in which they intended to leave Cuba capsized, the Communist Party daily Granma said Friday. continue reading »