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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

The Banana Republic of Honduras by Hector Luis Alamo Jr.

Last week, historian Dana Frank wrote an article for The Nation in which she details a cocaine smuggling triangle involving a prominent Honduran billionaire, military and police backing from the Honduran government, and backdoor funding by the U.S. State Department. continue reading »

Georgia University Officials Face Protesters on Undocumented Student Ban

A coalition of organizations mounted a protest here to urge the Georgia Board of Regents to scrap a policy that bars undocumented students from the state's five most-competitive publicly funded universities. continue reading »

Colombian Paramilitary Sentenced to 33 Years for Narco Terrorism

Carlos Mario Jimenez-Naranjo, aka “Macaco,” a paramilitary leader and one of Colombia’s most notorious drug traffickers, has been sentenced to 33 years in prison continue reading »

Attorney General Eric Holder Admits Fast and Furious was “Flawed”

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder acknowledged the blunders made in the federal Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation in an appearance before Congress, but some Republicans remained unappeased and continued to call for his resignation. continue reading »

LULAC reacts as AZ SB1070 Author Becomes First Senate President in Nation to Loose Recall

Pearce becomes the first senate president of any state to lose a recall election and must step down immediately once the election results become official. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Threesome Gone Wrong - Man Throws TV at Wife in Fit of Jealousy

A young Florida man is in jail after seriously losing his cool during a threesome he had convinced his wife and another woman to take part in. Jorge Daniel Silva, 22, of Naples, Florida was arreste continue reading »

Iowa School to Offer Masters Degree in Creative Writing in Spanish

Latinos will likely represent a third of the U.S. population by 2050, UI said, citing projections by the Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan think-tank based in Washington. "Spanish is no longer a foreign language. It's a national language and this program will help many bilingual writers to express themselves creatively in English and in Spanish," continue reading »

Costa Rican Nat’l Soccer Team on the Taxman’s Radar for Irregularities

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Finance raided the nation’s Soccer Federation looking for proof that the federation withheld information about revenue from friendly matches. continue reading »

Latino Silver Fox Jorge Ramos Celebrates 25 years with Univision (VIDEO)

HS-News wishes to congratulate veteran Univision anchorman Jorge Ramos on the 25th anniversary of his impressive and successful journalism career. continue reading »

Pitbull Sues Lindsey Lohan for Suing Him Over Lyrics

Rapper Pitbull has filed a countersuit against Lindsay Lohan over the lawsuit she filed against him for using her name in his hit “Give me Everything” continue reading »

Arizona Recall Election Kicks SB 1070 Author Russell Pearce Out of Office

Controversial Arizona legislator Russell Pearce is now without a job after the recall election meant to kick him out of office succeeded. The now-former Arizona Senator Pearce lost the continue reading »

Mexican Scientist Susana Lopez Honored for Her Advances in Scientific Research

The United Nations and the cosmetics giant L’Oreal announced today the five women scientists who will receive their joint award for their advances in scientific research. continue reading »

South Carolina Immigration Law Seeing Opposition from 16 Latin American and Caribbean Countries

South Carolina’s controversial immigration is getting international attention , as well as criticism. To date, more than a dozen Latin American and Caribbean countries have asked to join in the fight against the Arizona-style law. continue reading »

Shakira Becomes First Colombian to Have a Star on the Walk of Fame (VIDEO)

Colombian singer Shakira received a star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame surrounded by her parents s well as hundreds of fans. continue reading »

Crazy Cubano Brett Ratner Resigns Oscar Producer Gig (VIDEO)

Brett Ratner quit after a series of foot-in-the-mouth comments about Latinos, the LGBT community, sex and Hollywood personalities while promoting the film “Tower Heist.” continue reading »