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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Songs of the Drug Lord: “Narcocorridos” Impose Their Own Fashion Trends

Vinyl jackets and T-shirts with prints of rifles and skulls are some of the fashion statements being made by fans of "narcocorridos": ballads about the lives, deaths and exploits of Mexican drug lords. continue reading »

Federal Judge to Hear Arguments on S. Carolina Anti-Immigrant Bill SB 20

A federal judge on Monday will hear arguments for and against South Carolina's tough new immigration law while pro-immigrant groups gather and pray that the measure will not enter into force on Jan. 1. In a courtroom in the federal courthouse in Charleston, Judge Richard Gergel, continue reading »

Latino Veteran Arrested by Arpaio Officers in AZ, Hours Later Sent to Hospital, Put on Life Support

A Latino Gulf War veteran had to be put on life support just hours after being arrested by deputies under the supervision of controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Now his family, activists, and critics of “America’s Toughest Sheriff” are demanding for answers. continue reading »

Peru to Allow Lori Berenson to Spend Holidays in the U.S.

Lori Berenson, an American who is on parole after serving most of a 20-year prison sentence for aiding leftist rebels, was given permission Monday by the Peruvian immigration service to travel to the United States. continue reading »

WATCH Messi’s WTF? Moment After Barça VS Santos FC Game (VIDEO)

Take a look at the bizarre post-game interview that got Lio so confused and annoyed, he turned around and walked off after question #1! continue reading »

Romeo Santos Announces 2012 Tour Dates, Christmas Contest

The bachata singer has announced he’ll be touring some of the largest US venues next year playing hits from his first solo album “Formula Vol. 1” continue reading »

“Carlos the Jackal” Given Second Life Sentence in France, Now Demands He be Returned to Venezuela

Though he has been serving a life sentence in a French prison, Illich Ramirez Sanchez, most famously known as Carlos the Jackal, is demanding that he be sent back to his native Venezuela to serve his time there. continue reading »

1,100 Homicides So Far This Year In Puerto Rico

The number of violent deaths registered since Jan. 1 in Puerto Rico has hit 1,100, making 2011 the bloodiest year in the island's history. continue reading »

Drunk Police Officer Crashes 4-Wheeler After Leaving Drunk Driving Seminar at Police Academy

New Jersey police officer Joseph B. Gaeta was charged with DWI Thursday after he flipped over a four-wheeler after taking part in a drinking and driving demonstration for officers. continue reading »

Fidel Castro Publishes “Reflections” Book in Argentina

The Argentinean Congress presented Friday a book of reflections written by Cuban leader Fidel Castro, on the mercenary invasion of the Bay of Pigs in April, 1961. continue reading »

Alejandro Sanz Chooses Mexico’s Top Voice on “La Voz de Mexico”

Alejandro Sanz is not Mexican but he has just discovered the country's best singer on the "La Voz de Mexico" television contest, which broke nationwide viewership records. Oscar Cruz, a 44-year-old man from the central state of Puebla, will leave his job as a school custodian continue reading »

More Than a Dozen Fake Cheerleaders From Colombia Arrested or Deported

Earlier this year, 16 people pretended to be cheerleaders traveling from Colombia to U.S. for a cheer competition. However, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials foiled their plan, and last week announced that the last member of the group pled guilty to visa fraud. continue reading »

Chávez Unveils $28M Coffin to Honor Latin American Hero Simón Bolívar

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez unveiled the new pearl and diamond studded coffin during a ceremony marking the 181th anniversary of Bolivar's death. continue reading »

Kobe Bryant’s Latina Wife Vanessa Laine Files for Divorce, Couple Asks for Joint Custody of Kids

After more than 10 years of marriage and numerous claims of infidelity on his part, Vanessa Bryant (née Laine), 29, has filed for divorce from basketball player Kobe Bryant, 33. continue reading »

Massive Colombian Pothole Eats Car (VIDEO)

A giant hole opened in the middle of a Downtown Bogotá street and swallowed a family car. Four people were pulled out of the wreck unharmed. continue reading »