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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Explosion Rocks Uruguay’s Labor Ministry

An explosion Tuesday in the offices of Uruguay's Labor Ministry left as many as 20 people injured, some of them seriously, authorities said. continue reading »

WATCH Stephen Colbert Take on the Dictionary Revision of the Term “Anchor Baby” (VIDEO)

The American Heritage Dictionary’s revision of its definition for the term “Anchor Baby” didn't sit to well with Stephen Colbert... Watch his comments inside continue reading »

Political Analyst Juan Williams: Rep. Luis Gutierrez 2011 ‘Congressman of the Year’

In The Hill Juan Williams named Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) the “Congressman of the Year” for 2011. Spend one afternoon learning about Rep. Gutierrez and his commitment to his people, and one will learn that he is far different than the politicians you're used to hearing about on the news. continue reading »

Review: Barça’s Appearances in the Club World Cup (VIDEO)

The current best soccer team in the world, Barcelona FC has participated three times in the Club World Cup (formerly known as the Intercontinental Cup) Check out the highlights! continue reading »

Adopted Sons Returned to NY Times Reporter Chandler Burr

Burr travelled to Colombia in March 2011 to adopt the two young boys. While still in country finalizing the adoption and Visa in the US, Burr went to retrieve the boys passports continue reading »

Miami Marlins Ditch their All-Male Manatees Dance Team, Fans Fight to “Save the Manatees”

Since the Florida Marlins became the Miami Marlins, the name and location haven’t been the only things to change. The elimination of a group of plus-size performers known as th continue reading »

Two Shot During Texas Middle School Basketball Tryouts, Hunters Blamed

Parents of children at a border town middle school were frightened Monday when they learned police had surrounded the school after gun fire was reported and two children were taken to the hospital with bullet wounds. When parents arrived however, many said they were not given any answers from school officials or police officers, only adding frustration to their fear. continue reading »

Join Juanes Onstage in New “Unplugged” Special

Juanes has invited fans to take part in a contest in which the winner gets to sing one of the artist's hit tunes in a duet with him in an "unplugged" special that the Colombian singer will shoot next February for MTV. continue reading »

Sibling Trio “Vazquez Sounds” Signed to Sony Music

Move over Donnie and Marie, a new set of star siblings are here. After their cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” went viral, “Vazquez Sounds” became internet sensations, and with over 14 million views, record companies took notice. continue reading »

George López First Post “López Tonight” TV Project Revealed Involves Comedian Mark Viera

According to TVGuide.com, George Lopez is negotiating a new half-hour sitcom for FOX, based on the life of comedian Mark Viera. López will executive produce. continue reading »

Online Petition to Allow Immigrant Family Members of Citizens to Apply for VISA from Here

US Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) launched an online petition in support of allowing immigrant family members of U.S. citizens and residents to apply for “waivers of the three and ten year unlawful presence bars” from within the United States. continue reading »

Spanish Study Says 43% of Orange Juice Served at Bars is Contaminated

A Study from the University of Valencia found dangerous levels of bacteria in 43% of the orange juices used at Spanish bars for mixed drinks. continue reading »

iTunes Store Opens in Latin America

Yesterday, Latin American iTunes Store users could only download apps for their Apple devices; today, they can purchase music, movies, TV shows and more! At midnight this morning, the iTune continue reading »

Jennifer Lopez to be Featured in JBL Hi-Fi Equipment Ad Campaign

HARMAN International Industries announced today that international superstar Jennifer Lopez will star in a new brand campaign with the company's iconic Harman Kardon audio brand. Ms. Lopez continue reading »

Actor Alberto de Mendoza of Argentina Dies at 88

Argentine actor Alberto de Mendoza, one of the heartthrobs of Spanish movies and the leading man in close to 200 films co-starring such actresses as Carmen Sevilla and Sara Montiel, died Monday in Madrid, the AISGE performing artists association said. He was 88. continue reading »