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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Danny Fornaris Hopes First Album Reaches Many Generations

Puerto Rican singer, musician and producer Danny Fornaris is preparing to launch his first solo album, and he hopes its songs reach many generations with their positive messages. continue reading »

2 Colombian Mayors-Elect Take Oath Behind Bars, Suspected of Being Terrorist Militia

The mayors-elect of two municipalities in the northern Colombian province of Cordoba took the oath of office in a Bogota jail as they await trial on charges of links to murderous right-wing militias, officials told Efe Tuesday. continue reading »

Venezuelan Prisoners Keep Family Members Hostage Inside Prison in Protest of Conditions

Around 1,000 family members of prisoners in two jails near Caracas are presumably being kept from leaving by inmates protesting delays in their trials and threats of even more repressive treatment, human rights groups said Tuesday. continue reading »

Florida Officer Jenna Mendez Glad to Have Police Dog ‘Gunner’ Back

When her 7-month-old Bloodhound went missing just before the new year, Jenna Mendez was devastated, but thanks to a kind woman, dog and owner have been reunited. continue reading »

American Latino Heritage Fund Aims to Tell History of U.S. Latinos

Latinos have left an indelible mark on the history of the United States and, with the current wave of anti-immigrant sentiment among some sectors of the population, continue reading »

Congratulations to Joe Aguilar of “Puss In Boots” for his Producers Guild Awards Nomination

Among the nominees for the 23rd annual Producers Guild Awards were Puss In Boots producers Joe M. Aguilar and Latifa Ouaou. Aguilar and Ouaou were nominated for the continue reading »

Looking for International Latino Book Award Entries

The Latino Literacy Now project is getting ready for the 14th Annual International Latino Book Awards and therefore is seeking entries. continue reading »

Spanish LGBT Eldery May Soon Have Own Retirement Home in Madrid

Acknowledging that some retirement homes can be uncomfortable for the elderly of the LGBT community, a group of elderly Spanish men has been working on a retirement home for the gay community. continue reading »

Did Peru Make Valentine’s Day a Public Holiday?

Just as 2011 came to end, the government of Peru announced the public holidays for 2012, and one of them surprised many Peruvians. It was decided that February 13th and continue reading »

Porn Star Turned Celeb Manager Gina Rodriguez Drops Octomom Saying She’s “Unmanageable”

TMZ is reporting that Octomom Nadya Suleman’s management team, lead by ex-porn star-turned-manager Gina Rodriguez, has dropped her and taken down her UStream, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. continue reading »

Forest Fires Continue to Rage through Chile, Officials Battling 24 of Them

Two dozen forest fires continue to burn in different parts of Chile, while another 18 have been contained and 16 have been extinguished, authorities reported Tuesday. continue reading »

Efforts to Save Ecuador Rainforest Attracts Stars like DiCaprio, Raises $116 Million

When environmentalists, conservationists and those simply opposed to oil drilling in Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park were told they had to raise $3.6 billion by 2024 and make scheduled payments to stop it, many worried it could not be done. continue reading »

Have the Remains of Missing Boater David Hartley Been Found in Mexico??

Professional fisherman, Alton James, is reported to have found skeletal remains on Falcon Lake, specifically on the Mexican side of this dual border lake. continue reading »

Check Out Pitball’s “Latinos in Paris” His Version of ‘Niggas in Paris’

Check Out Pitball's "Latinos in Paris" His Version of 'Niggas in Paris'. continue reading »

Victor Cruz-ing to NFL Stardom

New Yorker’s are thanking an unlikely hero, Victor Cruz, for the Giants slot in the N.F.C. East conference. Thank to this Puerto Rican wonder, who helped authored the 31-14 win over Dallas Cowboys yesterday. continue reading »