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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Nearly 11 Million Mexicans Expected to Travel Over Christmas Break

Around 10.7 million Mexicans are expected to travel within the country between now and Jan. 3, an increase of 4 percent over the 2010 Christmas-New Year's holiday, the Tourism Department said Friday. continue reading »

Mexican Rockers~ Mana~ Makes Triumphant Return to Paraguay

Mexican rockers Mana thrilled a crowd here with a spectacle of sound and light in the band's first concert in Paraguay since 2007. More than 25,000 fans packed Asuncion's Jockey Club Paraguayo for the Thursday night show, the promoters said. continue reading »

World’s Third Smallest Baby Just 9oz Born to Haydee Ibarra

At just 24 weeks in the womb, 9.5oz Melinda Star Guido became the world's third smallest baby to be born and survive until her due date. continue reading »

14 Rebels, 5 Soldiers Die in Clashes in Mexico

Fourteen gunmen and five soldiers were killed in three separate clashes in the northeastern state of Coahuila, Mexican authorities said Friday. continue reading »

Is Tequila at the Center of Jessica Biel’s Brother’s Fight with Justin Timberlake? (VIDEO)

TMZ obtained a video recorded by actress Jessica Biel's younger brother in which he called out Justin Timberlake for not taking care of the tequila company he is owns. continue reading »

Naughty Kalimba Bought Himself a Playboy - Does the Cover Look Familiar?

Kalimba purchased himself a copy of the Playboy Magazine featuring Daiana, the girl who says she was sexually abused by the singer. continue reading »

Spanish Tenor Jose Carreras Raises $8.3M to Fight Cancer

Spanish tenor Jose Carreras collected 6.4 million euros ($8.3 million) in a televised gala held in Germany for the foundation that he directs and which is dedicated to the fight against the bone-marrow cancer known as leukemia, event organizers said Friday. continue reading »

Shakira is Hanging out in Japan With Her In-laws Ahead of Barça Game

Shakira is doing a lot of sightseeing with Piqué’s parents, while the Barcelona FC defense prepares for the final of the Club World Cup, Sunday. continue reading »

Teen Latina Honored for Saving Boy Attacked by Dogs

Teenager Gabriela Ramos was honored by officials of the Border Patrol's El Paso Sector for saving a 7-year-old boy from an attack by two savage dogs. continue reading »

Hispanic Teen Gets Himself Stuck in Chimney Trying to Beat Curfew

Aside from likely feeling embarrassed, a California teen is also happy to be alive after he became lodged inside a chimney Thursday. continue reading »

Happy Holiday’s from Puerto Rican Mayor Santini - What’s Wrong With This Picture (VIDEO)

Check out the holiday greetings from Jorge Santini, Mayor of San Juan in Puerto Rico. What's wrong with this picture? continue reading »

Barcelona’s Human Pyramid Makers Release Nude Calendar (VIDEO)

This human pyramid group lost its funding due to the Spanish fiscal crisis, and is hoping proceeds from the erotic calendar will help them continue building human pyramids as a hobby. continue reading »

Alabama Immigration Law Nabs Another Auto Executive

Alabama is once again being criticized after getting another foreign-born auto executive entangled in its new immigration law, and Missouri is using the opportunity to invite the automakers to their state. continue reading »

Mexican Students Complaining About Protection Pay to Sell School Snacks Found Dead

Authorities in the western Mexican state of Jalisco said the bodies of five people have been discovered at a student group's headquarters in Guadalajara, three of whom have been identified as students missing since last week. continue reading »

Angry Mother Says School Forced Child to Eat Spoonfuls of Jalapeños

A New Mexico mother is furious after hearing her young child was among those to forced to eat spoonfuls of jalapenos as punishment. Michelle Bond of Rio Rancho, NM, continue reading »