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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Selena Gomez Could Produce and Act in Upcoming “The Sky is Everywhere” Based on Jandy Nelson’s Novel

Now that her Disney Channel series has ended, Selena Gomez has more time to focus on other projects, and it appears her next may be the film adaptation of The Sky is Everywhere. continue reading »

AZ Latino Candidate Forced to Withdraw Due to Poor English Skills

Alejandrina Cabrera, a candidate for city council in San Luis, Arizona, was forced to withdraw from the election because of her lack of fluency in English, the Yuma Sun reported Thursday. continue reading »

Playboy Model Who Claims De La Hoya “Took Advantage” of Her Asking for $5 Million

The Playboy model accusing boxing Olympian Oscar De La Hoya of assaulting her is asking for an apology and $5 million. Angelica Marie Cecora and her attorney spoke to reporters outside a Manhattan courthouse Wednesd continue reading »

Gov. Brewer and President Obama Butt Heads in Arizona

Following an exchange of with President Obama, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s book sales on Amazon jumped 150 percent in just one day. As the President landed in the troubled Arizona continue reading »

WATCH VIDEO: Dominican Woman’s Stomach on Verge of Exploding from Dieting

Katy Paulino, a 25 year old woman from the Dominican Republic, yearns for her son and life back. After taking weight loss pills to get in shape, continue reading »

Flashin’ Cash: Chavez’ Daughter Posts Photos Holding U.S. Money, Venezuelans Outraged

The daughter of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has caused quite a stir after posting a photo of herself holding a number of low-denomination U.S. bills. Rosines, 14, posted the photo of herself with the cash o continue reading »

Mexican Woman Whose Transplant Heart Fell on the Ground is Doing Well (VIDEO)

When Erika Hernandez heard that a match had been found and that she would be getting a much needed heart, she was ecstatic. However, she may not know her heart was laying on the ground just moments before the transplant surgery. continue reading »

Cancer Screening Rates for Latinos Below National Levels

The percentage of U.S. citizens screened for cancer remains below national targets, with significant disparities among racial and ethnic populations continue reading »

Food Franchises Attracting Latino Entrepreneurs

BuscaTuFranquicia.com is pleased to report that registrations from Hispanic entrepreneurs who are looking to open a food franchise have increased compared to 2010 figures. continue reading »

Brazil Buildings Collapse, Claim At Least 3, With Many Still Missing

The bodies of three people were found Thursday morning amid the rubble of three buildings that collapsed in downtown Rio de Janeiro, firefighters said. continue reading »

El Paso Police Publishing ‘Beer Thieves’ Most Wanted, Slowing Down Beer Grab and Flee Epidemic

Beer thefts in El Paso, Texas have reduced by 17% in the past year, according to police reports. Beer thefts, otherwise known as “beer runs,” have been a major issue in El Paso, continue reading »

3,300 Pounds of Pot Found Abandoned in Arizona Desert

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents seized more than 3,300 pounds of abandoned marijuana during three separate incidents in the west desert Tuesday. continue reading »

Mexico’s Indians Fairing the Worst Against Terrible Drought

The Raramuri Indians, inhabitants of the Sierra Tarahumara region of the northern state of Chihuahua, are battling severe food shortages and a threat to their traditional way of life amid Mexico's most worst drought in 71 years. continue reading »

What’s Your FICO Score? Now You Can Find Out on MyFICO.com

FICO has announced the launch of MyFICO.com en Español. For the first time ever, the more than 34 million native Spanish-speakers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico can now access personal credit reports, credit report analysis, their FICO Score and FICO Score analysis in Spanish. continue reading »

Join the White House Twitter Conversation on Latino Affairs Today

President Obama addressed the government and the Nation on Tuesday during the State of the Union, setting forth a blueprint for an economy that is built to last and a new energy future fueled by American-made energy. continue reading »