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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

FARC Release 10 Hostages, Vow to End Kidnappings

he FARC guerrillas on Sunday announced that they have banned the practice of kidnapping throughout Colombia and that they will release the 10 soldiers and police officers who remain in their hands as hostages. continue reading »

Brazilian Research Station in Anarctica Destroyed by Fire, Kills Two

Two Brazilian soldiers died and another was injured in a fire at the Comandante Ferraz research base that Brazil maintains in Antarctica, officials said. continue reading »

Female Sinaloa Cartel Narco Member Arrested for Ordering Multiple Kllings

A woman who confessed to ordering the killings of five people last month was among several Sinaloa drug cartel members arrested in the northwestern Mexican state of Baja California, state officials said. continue reading »

Luis Miguel Concert Inaugurates New $400 Million Mexico City Arena

According to what businessmen Alberto Hinojosa and Guillermo Salinas Pliego said on Saturday, the venue is one of the largest of the so-called "arenas" in the Americas, which are designed for musical, theatrical and sports events. continue reading »

Hispanic Association Seeks Nominees for Its Hall of Champions

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) announced that nominations for the HACU Hall of Champions will be accepted through Friday, April 13, 2012, 5:00 p.m. (CDT). continue reading »

Plane Crash in Brazil Kills State Legislator and Two Others

A state legislator and two other people died in a plane crash in the northern Brazilian state of Para, officials said. continue reading »

Dominican Singer-Songwriter Juan Luis Guerra Debuts New Christian Album

Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra next Tuesday will release his new album "Coleccion Cristiana" with 11 songs directed at the Christian market, his press office said. continue reading »

Colombia Rounds Up Record Number of Narcos Wanted in U.S., 16 Planes & 10 Tons Cocaine Also Seized

Colombian authorities captured 34 suspected drug traffickers wanted in the United States, in the biggest roundup of criminals for extradition in the history of the country's war on drugs, police officials said Saturday. continue reading »

Mexicana Airlines Set to Return to the Skies

Mexican airline Mexicana de Aviacion, grounded since August 2010 while in bankruptcy proceedings, is set to return to the skies under new ownership. continue reading »

Venezuela’s 2012 Lent Campaign: A Country 100% Free of Violence

Lent is considered a suitable time for prayer, fellowship, sharing: this is why Caritas Venezuela presented its campaign "Compartir 2012" (Sharing) aimed at building peace. continue reading »

Watch Video:  Jorge Ramos Interviews Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Check out Univision's Jorge Ramos interview the sheriff as 'the face of racism and discrimination' to many Latinos. To that the shameless Sheriff assures Ramos that Latinos love him. Ramos assured him they don't and has polls and interviews to back that up. continue reading »

Illegally Exported Mayan Ceramic Artifacts Returned to Guatemala

Eight artifacts that were illegally exported from Guatemala in two separate incidents were officially returned to the country at a repatriation ceremony Friday at the Guatemalan Embassy in Washington. continue reading »

Five-Day Sting Operation in Loiza, Puerto Rico Seizes Guns, Drugs with Multiple Arrests

The San Juan-based, multi-agency Border Enforcement Security Task Force arrested eight individuals and seized illegal guns and drugs during a five-day operation in the municipality of Loiza, Puerto Rico. continue reading »

Gloria Estefan - Hotel Nacional Official Music Video

Gloria Estefan's New HIT Video "Hotel Nacional" is a tribute to cult film favorites such as "Rocky Horror Picture" "The Birdcage" "Some Like It Hot continue reading »

Black Eyed Peas’  Jaime Gomez, aka Taboo Honored for Latino Advocacy

The Black Eyed Peas' Jaime Gomez, known as Taboo, is the 2012 recipient of the National Hispanic Media Coalition's Outstanding Advocate for the Latino continue reading »