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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Remittances to Latin America and Caribbean Rose to $61 Billion in 2011

Latin American and Caribbean migrants sent $61 billion in remittances to their home countries last year, up 6 percent from $57.6 billion in 2010, according to a report released today by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), a member of the Inter-American Development Bank group. continue reading »

Check Out Demi Lovato Talking about Spanish Album and her MTV Special ‘Stay Strong’

Check out the video of Demi Lovato on NYC's Z100 talking about her MTV Special 'Stay Strong' and about her love of trash, trashing hotel rooms that is. continue reading »

Hispanic Hero: 6-Year-Old Kindergartner Jasiah Rubalcava Saves Choking Friend

Last week Jasiah Rubalcava and his friend Nicholas Carvajal were having lunch at West Avenue Elementary in San Antonio, TX when Carvajal began choking on a Cheeto. continue reading »

Stolen iPads Lead to Largest Meth Seizure in U.S. History

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced one of the largest domestic methamphetamine seizures in history. continue reading »

Incredible Dolphin Rescue in Arraial do Cabo, Brazil (VIDEO)

A beach at Arraial do Cabo in Brazil was the sight of a worrisome and extraordinary scene this week when a pod of dolphins beached themselves. It appears that about 30 dolphins we continue reading »

Year-Long Relationship Between Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz Ends

Amidst the salacious slapping trial that pits Nicollette Sheridan and the rest of the Desperate Housewives we hear the sad news that Eva Longoria is solo once again. continue reading »

The Blimp Coming to Border for Narco Surveillance

Tethered close to 2,000 feet above Nogales, flies a new beluga whale blimp being tested by the United States Border Patrol. The blimp is equipped with a wide area surveillance system that operates 24 hours a day continue reading »

U.S. Veterans Fight to Obtain Legal Status for Their Families

While many veterans of current U.S. wars wrestle with physical and emotional wounds and the challenges of getting a job, some must also contend with obstacles to obtaining legal residence for their loved ones. continue reading »

After No Performance in 12 Years, Enrique Iglesias Announces Return to Madrid

Singer Enrique Iglesias will return to his native Madrid on May 4 to offer a concert on his "Euphoria" tour, his first such appearance in 12 years in the Spanish capital. continue reading »

70% Californians say Undocumented Should be Able to Keep their Jobs

Seventy percent of Californians feel that undocumented immigrants who have lived and worked in the country for at least two years should have the opportunity to keep their jobs, a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California shows. continue reading »

Vampire Woman Using her Appearance to Raise Awareness About Domestic Violence

The Mexican mother of four known to many as the Vampire Woman turns a lot of heads with her fangs, the surgically-implanted titanium rods beneath her skin, multiple piercings, and her tattoo-covered body, and now she’s using that attention for a good cause. continue reading »

Latino H.S. Basketball Team Taunted with “USA!” After Defeat

The predominately white Alamo Heights’ high school basketball team celebrated their Region IV -4A championship by chanting “USA!” “USA!” Was this just heady enthusiasm or a racist chant as many are charging. continue reading »

VIDEO: Shakira Jumps Out of Car to Dance in Barcelona

Shakira has uploaded a video to youtube titled "I'm crazy about Shrillex!", in which she stops her car in the middle of the street and jumps out to start dancing to the music on her car radio. continue reading »

HORRIFIC: Video catches drunk driving accident in Argentina

Drunk driving accident caught on video by local family shows horrific imagery of the crash and the negligence of the driver. continue reading »

American Idol: Jessica Sanchez Wows Crowd, Judges With Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” (VIDEO)

"Jessica Sanchez is legit," announced "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson after the 16-year-old singer of Mexican-Filipino decent sang an impressive rendition of the late Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You". continue reading »